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This copper mug is made of pure copper and has a lifetime copper shine and colour guarantee. This is pure copper mug which has pure copper outer and pewter inlay, the outer part is designed with qalmi naqshi. Pure copper keeps the water cold and enhance the beauty of your presentation.  The inner side pewter is used to safe direct interaction of copper into the food. Taking your drink from pure copper glass needs some cautions as copper benefits your health as well as it can harm your body if not used with precautions. This mug can easily hold 600ml liquid approximately.

Copper is health safe when we use it after washing with Salt and Lemon  Water. The acidic liquid can make copper leach into your drink. Copper naturally occurs in the environment, and its some quantity can be good for your health. But long-term intake can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and irritation to your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Artisans Galleria makes sure to provide pure copper mug while ensuring the possible health benefits to make copper utensils health safe. Our all copper designs are hence modern but we keep the traditional touch in our all utensils so these can be used in regular use and in special events equally.

*Please don't forget to check dimensions, specifications, and handling instructions, along with other useful information of this product in "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" tab.

Dimension and other Information:

  • Height: 3.8 inches
  • Mouth Diameter: 3.2 inches
  • Middle Diameter: 4.5 inches
  • Capacity: 600 ml
  • Weight: 380 grams 
  • Sold as: Single Piece

Sizes are approximate and are for illustration purposes only. As-built may differ slightly. We don't edit or enhance the original colour of the product but if you feel slightly different it may cause of your computer or mobile screen resolution and the presence of camera lights. 


  • Hand Crafted 
  • Pure Copper Guarantee
  • Pewter (Kalai) Inlay on pure copper 
  • Light Weight
  • Smooth Edges
  • Modern & Improved Design
  • Qalmi naqshi design by hand

Handling Instructions:

  1. Always wash your copper products before their first use. Our products are shipped directly from our warehouses; while they may appear a black layer of manufacturing material or slightly dirty due to the manufacturing process in their shipping box. Dip them into hot mixed detergent water for 10 minutes, wash with a brush and wipe away with a soft cloth if needed.

  2. Wash your copperware mug by hand and avoid the dishwasher.

  3. Copper does not react with water, but it does slowly react with atmospheric oxygen to form a layer of brown-black copper oxide which, unlike the rust that forms on iron in moist air.

  4. Copper Products Tarnish/oxidize over time, this is Natural for Copper products. You may polish the utensils and clean with powders easily available in markets.

  5. Wrap your copper mug in any paper or newspaper to avoid direct interaction with the atmosphere and put them in a dry place.

  6. Use copper polish (Brasso or Kiwi Brass Polish) or pitambari powder to clean copper utensils if they change their colour and wipe with a soft cotton cloth.

  7. Using Salt and Lemon water for washing your copper product is the best way to reduce its bad effects on the human body.
  8. Copper utensils have a lifetime colour and shine guarantee, if it has changed its colour or shine, you can easily restore its beauty to the original condition by wiping copper polish on it.

Shipping and Additional Services:

  • Free Home Delivery
  • Delivery time for in-stock items is 2-3 business days
  • Specialized fragile packaging for secure delivery
  • Replacement or cashback in case of quality issue
  • Return acceptable in case of mind change (T&C Applied)
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) available all over Pakistan
  • Visa \ Master Card and Direct Bank Transfer available for advance payments. 

Note: Our most of the products are handmade, hand-painted, or semi handcrafted which means there is a use of machine, moulding and sometimes it can be crafted and painted by hands without any trace or machines.

So there may be a little (ignorable) difference between the two products. there may be the chances of brush strokes and fingerprints on the products sometimes.


We are proud of the fact that all of the artisan's groups we work with, committed to ensuring the rights of children.

We take full responsibility of broken / missed / damaged items while delivery.
Please check full detail (product description and additional information tab for measurement of the product, if it is not mentioned by mistake then ask us before confirmation of your order.

Warranty and Returns

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Our dedicated QC and QA teams will inspect your items prior to shipping. Our product quality is guaranteed. However, If you are not satisfied with the items you received, we can easily arrange an exchange or a refund for you. (Size and color difference claims excluded).
To read Warranty & Returns in detail. Click Here

We are here to help! Please feel free to ask any question if you need more assistance.

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