Blue Pottery / Handmade Ceramics

What is Blue Pottery?

Blue Pottery Ceramics are dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave safe?

What is the life of blue pottery products/items?

What is the quality of the blue pottery products?

What can be maximum categories of blue pottery products for use?

Why Multani pottery is familiar with the name of “Blue Pottery” only? Is there any other colors exist in this pottery?

Multani Kashi Tiles are acids and bath-wash material safe?

Wood Crafts

All of your wood collection is hand crafted?

What is the durability of wooden items?

Jewelry / Gems

All of your Jewellery collection is handmade?

Knitting / Crochet

All of your knitting and crochet items are handmade?

Camel Skin / Camel Bone

All of your Camel Skin and bone products are handmade?



I want to drop a suggestion/comment/feedback/complaint regarding your product/service

How do I get in touch with Artisans Galleria customer care service?


Where does Artisans Galleria ship?


Which credit cards does Artisans Galleria accept?

Can I use my credit/debit card with confidence?

What kind of methods of payment you accept?

Breakage / Return Policy

What I do if my consignment arrived damaged?

How do I return/exchange the purchased item/items?

What is your return, replacement and exchange policy?

Order / Delivery

How do I know when my order will reach?

How do I order goods?

About Us

Why Artisans Galleria?

There are so many arts and crafts galleries what is the uniqueness of Artisans Galleria?

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