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Copper Jug

What we eat is what we become. Healthy intake is an essential component of one’s living. Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water; hence it’s extremely crucial to be attentive towards the water we drink.

Copper is an essential metal, which is primarily used by humans to kill microbes, bacteria, and germs. Throughout history, the ancient Mughals and tribes have been using copper as their main kitchen utensil. Copper jug and glass sets are one such example.

Even after years of evolution, copper hasn’t lost its importance. Copper jug for water is still making rounds among people. This familiarity is all due to its number of impeccable features.

Why Choose Copper Jug?

Since we cannot take copper directly due to health concerns, there is an availability of indirect consumption. It is possible by using copper utensils. Storing water in a copper jug is known to kill harmful bacteria.

Copper jug in Pakistan has the ability to store water for almost 8 hours, with blocking capacity against bacteria, germs. Apart from protective ability, copper is labeled as one possible cure for cancer. Thus using copper kitchenware can significantly reduce the risk of infections and serious complications.

Not only, this but copper has an impressive luster and sheer outlook, which make it twice more attractive than steel and metal. Furthermore, copper also helps in relieving symptoms of hypertension and improves immunity.  

History of Copper Jug:

Copper utensils have a long history of usage dating back to ancient civilization. All of the greatest emperors of the time have highly relied upon the use of copper as kitchenware. It is due to their fonding that copper has now become a symbol of class. However, the price of a copper jug in Pakistan is still very affordable.

In the past era, copper was only used as storage containers and kitchen utensils. Along with the consistent evolution, the trends have also changed a lot. Nowadays, the copper jug is not only used as kitchenware, but instead, it is prevalent as a decorative material as well. Moreover, due to exceptional properties, it has become a luxurious item to be used as a marriage gift or special present for a loved one. One must not let go of the opportunity to buy copper jugs online in Pakistan.

Where to Use Copper Jug?

Due to the prevailing rates of health complications, it is highly recommended to use copper products as your primary kitchenware. Apart from using it as your daily kitchenware, you can also use the copper jug and glass set for executive occasions as well. The lustrous outlook of copper products is sure to leave most, if not all, spellbound by the beauty.

We Deal In:

Artisan’s galleria is recognized as one of the authentic suppliers of ancient handicrafts. We provide a diversified range of copper products at the best affordable prices. Our team makes sure to cater to all commercial and restaurant orders as well. We aim to never disappoint whoever chooses us!
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