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  • Clay Handi - Allium Brown - Red Clay (Terracotta) - Artisans Galleria Clay Handi - Allium Brown - Red Clay (Terracotta) - Artisans Galleria
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    Clay Handi - Allium Brown

    This pottery is made of white clay also called ceramics. *Please don't forget to check dimensions, specifications, and handling instructions, along with other useful information for the product in "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" tab before confirmation of your order.
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Clay Handi

Are you tired of using mainstream kitchenware in your house? Well, switch to handmade clay products for a refreshing start. Pakistan is renowned for its local art and handmade clay products.

Clay handi for cooking is a specialty among clay products which is self-applauding. The gorgeous sets of handis are made out of our artisan's love for ancient crafts. The highlighting aspect about clay handi involve the impeccable advantages and use of natural materials in their production

Why Choose Clay Handi?

Dating back in time, Clay handi for cooking was not only limited to domestic usage. However, it was an integral part of auspicious ceremonies, marriage, and special events. Women in the villages used to carry these handis for easy transportation of water.

Since clay handi is totally handmade, it looks absolutely unique. Moreover, natural clay and terracotta enable the food to stay warm and fresh for the longest time. The tough heating temperature in the manufacture makes them highly durable. These clay handis are easy to maintain and cost quite low.

Clay handi price in Pakistan varies as per the size and quality. But the rough estimation revolves around Rs.300- Rs.1000.

How is Clay Handi Made?

The process of their manufacture is fairly simple. The potter makes these handis by shaping wet clay on the potter wheel. Once the clay acquires a desired shape and size, it is left to dry. The hard structure of the handi is then removed and receives high-level heat for a more rigid appearance.

Since natural clay is usually porous, clay handi is glazed to prevent leakage. Moreover, several types have an imprinted design on the border as well. Before glazing, artisans are free to add any design to the boundaries.

Where to Use a Clay Handi?

Clay pottery has a natural tendency to filter out germs and impurities. Thus clay handi can work best as a cooking utensil. The use of clay handi for cooking can yield numerous health advantages. Moreover, you can also use them to secure water and decorative handi as well. Clay handi price in Pakistan is quite affordable; one must not miss a chance to try these out.

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