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Camel Skin Lamps

The origin of camel skin lamps dates back in time. It has been years now that the city of Multan is famous for the production of camel skin crafts.  Some families are properly running a prosperous business for camel skin lamps in Pakistan.

What makes them so unique yet prominent pattern of design imprinted on them. The art of painting design on camel skin lamps is referred to as the work of Naqshi. It is named after a person whose long family history has been serving in making delicate pieces of art.

The different designs made on these lamps typically represent the culture of city Multan. However, the price of camel skin lamps in Multan varies as per their design and quality.

Why Choose Camel Skin Lamps?

Are you looking for camel skin lamps to shop online? Well, let me add to your information! There are eminent reasons which are going to propel you for a purchase. Camel skin lamps in Lahore are immensely famous for their unique appearance. Apart from traditional shapes, these lamps come in cylindrical, globe, and moon and in several other shapes.

Not only this, but the intricacies of design made them twice more attractive than customary lamps you see around. Camel skin lamp’s history speaks of their durability. Great artisans guarantee them to last almost a lifetime. Doesn’t it sound intriguing? Let’s know something more about them!

How are camel skin lamps made?

The process of making these alluring crafts is indeed very tricky. When we talk about camel skin lamps, it means the process requires enough time and specificity for their completion. The entire method is divided into four basic steps. Lets’ have a look through them.

  • Initially, the skin is cleansed to remove all hair and impurities out of it. This step is further divided into detailed processing. Firstly, the skin is thoroughly cleaned with chemicals. The next step is to remove layers of skin, thus enabling light to pass through it.
  • The next step is to provide the respective shape. Camel skin lamp’s shade is made by placing skin over a clay structure. The structure is left for days to dry. This step is to give the lamp its desired shape.
  • Now comes the painting, which is more much more challenging than it seems. The process demands a lot of attention as one mistake can ruin the entire piece. Several paints are used to add floral, geometrical patterns or sceneries to the lamps.
  • Once done, the craft men secure the art by adding layers of lacquer. The final piece goes through several stages of finishing, and that’s how a magical piece becomes ready for its sale.


Where to use Camel skin lamps?

Camel skin lamps have no restriction on their usage. These lamps are so stunning that no luxurious place is required to make them attractive. Place them at any dull place, and they are sure to uplift the entire environment.

People mostly prefer guest rooms for these lamps, but you can also use them to enlighten the reception. Moreover, their golden hue gives a really warm impact to the room when used in the bedroom. These lamps also have the magic to instantly lift up your study table as well.

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