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Camel Skin Cylinder Lamps

Multan is one of the prominent cities know for handicrafts of lamps. It is called the hub of camel skin cylinder lamps in Pakistan.

Camel skin lamps in Multan are made by adding the intricate pattern of handmade design on the camel skin. The art sounds really fascinating!

The skill of adding art on camel skin and turning it into pieces of décor is commonly referred to as Naqshi work among people.

Where to Use Camel Skin Cylinder Lamps?

Camel skin lamps are admired and valued all around the world. The credit is all due to the beauty and hard work artisans put into it. Thus, these classical pieces of art have numerous uses.

Apart from using these lamps as mere decoration, you can use them in your bedroom for a very cinematic effect. As the handmade camel skin lamps are mostly adorned with traditional patterns, you can even place them at your work table. Their vibrancy can never let the work impact your mood.

How are Camel Skin Lamps Made?

You may find abundant dealers with an opportunity to let you shop came skin cylinder lamps online. But before you decide to make a purchase, you must how camel lamps are made to be sure of what you are purchasing in turn of your money.

The process of manufacture includes washing the skin with a camel at first. The next step is to place the skin on a piece of clay and leave it to dry under the sun. Now, the piece is handed over to artisans to play their art on them.

However, painting and designing on the camel's skin is the most challenging part of the process. It is crucial to make sure no mistakes occur because the chances of correction are quite low. Once done, the final finishing is done, and camel skin lamps become ready for sale.

Why Choose These Lamps?

There are some unavoidable reasons to buy camel skin lamps. Apart from being unique in their structure and design, we can guarantee their durability. One can remain satisfied that these lamps can last a lifetime.

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