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  • Glass Round Bottom - Bloom Blue - Blue Pottery Ceramic - Artisans Galleria Glass Round Bottom - Bloom Blue - Blue Pottery Ceramic - Artisans Galleria
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    Glass Round Bottom - Bloom Blue

    This is blue pottery water glass used for drinking water. *Please don't forget to check dimensions, specifications, and handling instructions, along with other useful information for the product in "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" tab before confirmation of your order.
  • Water Set - Antique Blue | 7 Pcs - Blue Pottery Ceramic - Artisans Galleria Water Set - Antique Blue | 7 Pcs - Blue Pottery Ceramic - Artisans Galleria
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    Water Set - Antique Blue

    [additional]Dimensions: 100% HandmadeJug: 1 | 8.6 inches Height Glass: 6 | 4.1 inches Height, Mouth Diameter 3 inchesMaterial: White Clay | Ceramics Note:  Sizes are approximate and are for illustration purposes...

The very first thing man needed on the earth was food and water and for that, he made a pot of clay in which he drink water and eat food. A clay pot for drinking purpose continued for several decades and the first glass was made about 5,000 years ago in Western Asia Egypt. The glass was initially used among Royal families at parties and occasions. By the time, the specific shape of water glass gone viral and people started making it with several materials. They have been made with steel, aluminum, Silicon Dioxide, and Mud. Well, the time has changed now and transparent glass is everywhere but still, there are many areas where people use plain mud glass.

Transparent water set which is also called Liquid glass has been used widely but we can't ignore the fact that blue pottery water set is unique and demanding itself.  Blue pottery water set is made of white clay, glass powder, quartz, gum, and water along with different colors and designs. Presenting drinks is the essential thing when you have guests at your place and if you have the antique style water set to present then it will surely add the spark in your service. Vintage blue pottery is an old art of ancient era and Multan is the main root for making ceramic pottery. The collection of blue pottery would definitely enhance your kitchen accessories and people would admire your taste.

Artisans Galleria is a forum where you would find the huge variety of water sets in different styles, patterns, and colors. Each design has its own history and used for different occasions. Here you will find handmade antique style water set. Each piece is handmade and in blue and white ceramic there is antique design and color available. You will get a blue ceramic pitcher along with 6 glasses which is made of white clay and finely glazed. Antique is used for something old but we are not selling old items and using the word antique for the antique design and color. Antique style water set is used in high-class night parties or gatherings at home or somewhere else. Moreover, if you are arranging any get together at your lawn then Vinca colorful water set is the best option which complements the spring evenings. The other one is Multani Kashi design which can be used casually at home or in different gatherings too. You will find water sets for every class, for that Henna design water set is quite affordable and can be used on any occasion.

In this handmade water set, you will get blue pottery pitcher with 8.6 inches height, and 6 glasses with the 4.1-inch height and of 3 inches mouth diameter. The artists paint each piece with hands using their skills and potters take days in forming the desired shape. This water set is highly glazed and toxic free and also refrigerator safe. You can put your chilled drinks in it and place it in your refrigerator; it will surely not break at all.

Artisans Galleria is the approved and authentic way to get 100% handmade blue and white pottery. We are too much dedicated to reviving our ancient tradition of blue pottery and now we use of course modern techniques to make it more durable and long lasting.

Blue pottery requires glazing, for that Lead and Cadmium is used which are toxic. Artisans Galleria guarantees that we use toxic free glazing which has no bad effects on your health. We also have more benefits for members and over 1500Rs shopping the delivery will be free in all over Pakistan. Our prices are less as compare to the market, they are not high but our product quality is high.

You must be in touch with Artisans Galleria because we have a discount membership program, discounts and promotional sale offers and we also announce free giveaways to our active members.

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