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Calligraphy design has been prevalent throughout Islamic history. Apart from miniatures, glass paintings, and glorious architecture, Muslims have been famous for their luxurious art of calligraphy as well.

Islam is a religion to believes in the Omni-presence of God. Since figurative art was always a prohibition to avoid the occurrence of idolatry, the artistic representation of Quranic verses became an important aspect of Islamic art.

Initially, calligraphy was only restricted to the inclusion of holy verses as part of the décor. Along with the recurrent modernization, the inscriptions started to include poetry and other forms of statements as well.

Evolution of Blue Pottery Calligraphy:

Moving a little back in time, people were not quite focused on having calligraphy for home décor. But now, propelling demand for luxurious home décor has led people to buy Islamic calligraphy art online.

Designs on blue pottery calligraphy were made with different materials and tools in hand. The onset on wall hanging calligraphy included inscriptions of graceful thick or thin lines and perfectly shaped square dots. Now, the font style has diversified to a great extent.

As far as the material is concerned, the traditional art of calligraphy began with ink on parchment and paper and then shifted to ceramic and blue pottery. The world captured sight of blue pottery calligraphy, and that’s how it has emerged to be one of the popular pieces of art to have as home décor. Islamic calligraphy online in Pakistan has turned into a growing business of crafts.

Why Choose Blue Pottery Calligraphy?

Pakistan’s cultural and traditional heritage has been full of colors and vibrancy. That’s what makes our crafts an impeccable choice to resist.

Aren’t you looking for Blue pottery Islamic calligraphy to shop online? Well, before you invest the amount, you must know of some important reasons for your choice

Colors are what attract the human eye the most. Thus, glazing finish, inscriptions of holy verses, combined with a deadly combination of white and blue turn these wall hanging to be a tough competition against other decorative hangings.

The ideal-sized tiles not only enhance aesthetics but are more rigid in durability. Regardless of the years, these handcrafted calligraphy hangings never fade or lose their originality. You are just one click away to buy Islamic calligraphy art online, which is sure to be magically impressive for home décor.

Where to use Blue Pottery Calligraphy?

Apart from being another décor item, calligraphy serves a bigger purpose. With holy inscriptions carved into these hangings, they can be presumed to produce sound and express melodies. Thus, the delicate pieces can be hanged in guest rooms, entrances, or even in the bedrooms.

We Deal In:

We at artisan’s galleria feel pleased to be a part of an effortful drive to enhance traditional art. Apart from doorstep services, we are eager to serve you for all possible restaurant and commercial orders as well. You wish it, and we have it. Feel free to contact me for further queries.

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