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What Is Blue And White Ceramic Vase?

Blue and white ceramic vase is an artistic piece itself used for decoration separately or with flowers too. The vase is an open container that is made of different materials like wood, plastic, glass, aluminum, and ceramic. Here, we are going to discuss the ceramic material vases. Ceramic is a solid material made with the combination of different materials, and while talking about the blue and white ceramic vase, then they are handmade. The material used in making vases has made at the point, and potters made it by adding other components like clay, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide.

The blue pottery is an art of ancient and a symbol of artistry and luxury. The artistic and unique patterns of artisans make each vase worth buying. Blue and white color, along with eye-catching patterns is itself a symbol of blue pottery. At first glance, it clicks to mind that, this is the blue pottery as compare to other colors. Each piece of the blue and white ceramic base is handcrafted and hand-painted in different patterns. Moreover, each pattern of the blue and white ceramic vase has its history which relates to specific areas and traditions which is still alive through blue pottery.

Which Type Of Blue And White Vase Artisans Galleria Have?

There are different types of ceramic vases which can be selected according to choices or location. Artisans Galleria has various types of vases for varies in different design patterns, sizes, and materials.

Blue And White Ceramic Vase:

This is the basic handmade vase used for home decoration separately or along with flowers. They are available in different shapes and sizes for center tables, shelves, side tables, or dining tables. You would find amazing and elegant patterns and designs in blue and white floor vase and handmade ceramic vase.

Blue And White Ceramic Vases For The Wedding:

The ceramic vase is the best choice as a gift at the wedding ceremony of your loved ones; they couldn’t resist appreciating your choice for sure. Artisans Galleria has several options you can select for the gift purpose, as it is something that would remind them about you. The wedding season is around the corner, and if you are wondering about something, then your issue has been resolved here.

Ceramic Blue And White Porcelain Vase:

Porcelain is white clay that is combined with silica, quartz, Kaolin clay, and china stone. It is more durable and long-lasting material and solid, as well. Ceramic and porcelain are different materials, but both have their qualities, and both are reliable. You would find blue and white vases in porcelain material as well in various patterns and shapes.

Blue And White Chinoiserie Vases:

Chinoiserie is an old art of the 17th century and the combination of European, Chinese, and East Asian artistic traditions. Chinoiserie vases have specific and typical Chinese style patterns and paintings. Each vase has a different story in its patterns that are available in both ceramic and porcelain. Different sizes and shapes and large blue and white ceramic vases in chinoiserie style are also worth buying rather for a gift or your dining or living rooms.

Material Used

The main ingredients and materials used in making vases are common, but the making of dough requires expertise. Potters use Quartz stone, Glass, Katira gond, Multani clay, Saaji, and Flour. These are the common materials, but to make it durable and long-lasting the other ingredients used are charcoal, zinc oxide, potassium nitrate, boric acid, borax powder, and water.

Why You Choose Artisans Galleria For Buying Blue And White Ceramic Vase?

The first thing to mention is, quality handmade products are not easily available everywhere, and people hesitate to spend money on a place they are not aware of. So, on this point, Artisans Galleria claims that they provide quality products with 100% guaranteed. Their products are eco-friendly plus durable too. The best thing about Artisans Galleria is they deliver handmade products at the doorstep worldwide in a hassle freeway. Moreover, they have the best return or replace policy, which you should go through once, as the product would be returned in case of wrong delivery or broken while delivering it.

Procedure For Buying Vase From Artisans Galleria

Once you select the product and add it to your cart, this will lead you to check out, and two options would be available the Direct Bank Transfer and through Western Union. You can check out the complete Payment Method for buying vases. The western union would be beneficial for overseas people as Artisans Galleria has designed both methods that are hassle-free and reliable for their customers.

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