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Soup history is as old as the cooking and the word soup came from “sop” or “sup”. Initially, it was called broth and pottage. The soup was first served in public restaurant of Paris in the 18th century. It is relatively quick and easy to make a dish which has a lot of variations and flavors. The best thing about the soup was which made it popular that it was accessible to every class rich or poor. Plus, it is cheap and healthy dish and of course tasty as well. Soup is the combination of veggies, meat, sauces and stock. Soup is the essential dish in our menu while planning for any gathering or party at home. In restaurants, soup has been served as a starter before the main course of lunch and dinner because it is light.  

Well, talking about the home gatherings using handmade items at our home has become the trend again as it feels classier and explains the sense of style too. Most of the celebrities love to use handmade pottery sets in their kitchen as well. These products especially blue pottery, arts, crafts are the latest collection available in Pakistan and all over the world.

Here we are discussing handmade blue ceramic soup sets for your kitchen. In which you will find soup sets with handles and without handles too, large cereal bowls, small soup bowls, salt, and pepper pots, spoons, sauce pots, and plates.

However, each soup set has different accessories which have been mentioned in the description too. Each piece of soup set is handmade, hand painted and hand crafted with white clay and super glazing which makes it durable and long lasting. Likewise, you will find a large cereal bowl along with 6 small cereal bowls few are with handles which are easy to hold and other have small plates. These stoneware cereal bowls are heat proof and tolerate the extra warm soup, gravy or cereal and plus its toxic free which makes it healthy as well. The bowel will let you feel amazing and you can use it freely without any hygienic side effect. This is the microwave friendly product you can easily warm your food in the microwave and enjoy daily breakfast.

Well, you will find the hand-painted antique design patterns and Avena Gori pattern on to the soup sets these two are different and you can choose it according to your taste. There are different shapes of bowls like you will find a bit open and wide small bowls and deep bowls as well. Antique design soup sets look royal which can be used in high-class gatherings and gives you the feeling of uniqueness itself. On the other side Avena Gori design is bit classy and of course, each design set has a different shape which makes each set a different and unique set. Avena Gori design soup set would suits in your evening friend’s gossips and chit chat while Antique designs are for family, sophisticated and calm gatherings. 

Your crockery sense would definitely admire your guests and surrounding and the best selection would please your mind as well. Artisans Galleria makes durable and long-lasting products with a guarantee and also offers a refund and replaces policy if the product got damaged during delivery or not up to your requirements.

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