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Blue Pottery Salt Pots

Your exotic cuisines need a flawless finishing touch, what's better than salt and pepper seasoning? Your tableware collection is incomplete without salt pepper shakers, then why not invest in a quirky combo set! Store the flavoursome powders in our Blue Pottery Salt pepper pots and let these vintage flavors a part of your dining tops.

Salt and papers are the best soul mates of western cuisines for centuries, so these ceramic seasoning dispensing pots are the best work when serving pasta, spaghetti, rice and more commonly with French fries. Nevertheless, its usage is not limited to western dishes but traditional South Asian core meals as these are often seasoned with salt or a conventional garam masala powder. 

We present you a wide variety of these condiment dispensers to let you choose a pair you love! The stylish and unique jay, straight and domed shaped Handmade Multani set painted with Mughal jail and rumbled elegant patterns in vivid colours such as Neem leaf blue, springtime, Red rose, Keep Blue are fit enough to add spice to your regular or occasional gourmet experiences.

Specs of our Blue Pottery Salt Pots:

The elegance and versatility holder's Blue pottery salt and pepper pots are a purely handmade item, crafted using fine ceramics. The diameter, height and weight described according to the configuration of the chosen piece. Whereas the three different designs offered are jay, straight and domed, all unique and fit to spice your tables up. Further, the perfect seasoners salt and peppers are conveniently dispensed out in the right proportion, with the adequate holes provided on top. This product is 100% genuine and offers temperature resistance and durability features such as lifetime colour shine guarantee.

Why choose us for Multani Salt Pots?

The incredible combo of quality and quirky salt and pepper pots are hand-picked by us, to provide you with a fancy dining rite to your served food. These aren't pretty expensive as we do cater to your budget as well. You can easily have these Multani salt pots online in a single go by just tapping the add to cart option. Getting such an incredible product is not beyond your reach anymore as our excellent customer service and wide pick range made this more comfortable for you.

Handling Guide: 

Careful handling is a core requirement to this fragile item whereas keeping efficient measure to safeguard the loss of this worthy product.

What's for commercial caterers?

Whatever Nationality your guests might belong to, their eyes might be seeking salt and pepper pots right next to the served meal, well! Our product is an acceptable option for every commercial kitchen holder. These are perfect Ceramic Salt pots for restaurants with the utmost elegance and beauty, ready to dominate moderately flavoured western food items such as hot soups or sprinkled on more spicy classic dishes Nihari.

Then why wait? Book your orders for your favourite customized design and have hands-on to figure it's excellence!

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