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  • Glass Round Bottom - Bloom Blue - Blue Pottery Ceramic - Artisans Galleria Glass Round Bottom - Bloom Blue - Blue Pottery Ceramic - Artisans Galleria
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    Glass Round Bottom - Bloom Blue

    This is blue pottery water glass used for drinking water. *Please don't forget to check dimensions, specifications, and handling instructions, along with other useful information for the product in "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" tab before confirmation of your order.

Glass is among the commonest tableware that serves you and guests very often. Although it's ordinary drinkware, selecting the perfect one could be a cumbersome task to do.

Let us assist you in finding what you're looking for! The merger of glass into elegant pottery is a beautiful and rewarding work by our native artisans. Our pottery glass is a perfect choice that could suit your taste and stand functionally to meet your daily needs.

A blue pottery glass is an incredible masterpiece that can serve you and your guests with water, cocktails, fizzy, soda beverages, yummy shakes and much more. Besides houses, it's ideal to go for this hand-painted glass in offices and restaurants as well, as they'll greatly contribute towards your guest experience upon serving.

What's more interesting is that this ceramic glass's majestic appearance and artistic design creates a jewel effect. It will work for you functionally and aesthetically and could even remind you of the golden historical eras of Mughal times.

Specs of our Blue Pottery Glass:

Our traditional and evergreen Multani glass is finely constructed from white clay and ceramic. The skilful artisans have crafted a gem in the form of this beautiful ceramic glass. It's a handmade finished product with perfect glazing and painting on the outermost surface. The colour shine will stay long with a full proof guarantee, as the manufacturers rigorously test it. Moreover, the product material comprises temperature resistance properties that are microwave, oven-safe, and refrigerated.

It is a genuine handmade product that will deliver you quality and durability in style. Keep yourself calm, as you aren't going to pay over the odds to buy this. Shop now! It's available at a reasonable price just for you.

Handling Guide:

The item requires cautious dealing. They need a gentle cleansing method without scrubbing with any rough-surfaced cleaner.

Why Choose Us For Blue Pottery Glass?

We truly cater to your needs besides offering you our product that facilitates you the best; we aim to decor your houses with cultural art.

Want to make a positive impression? Then a Blue pottery glass is perfect for you. We provide our premium and top-notch product to you via online service. We offer exceptional support through our excellent customer service from booking your orders to dispatching it timely at your doors.

What's For Commercial Caterers?

When it comes to drinking ware at commercial dining setups, we honestly admit a perfect glass could seem to get all the glory in first glance even without drinking a sip.

We are the perfect option to hand in you a product that will inspire your clients. Caterers serve your clients with fruit smoothies, delicious cocktails, soda drinks and other exotic beverages in our all-time favourite Blue Pottery Glass.

 We sell our restaurant highly preferable Blue Pottery Glasses in bulk. This is an incredible choice for you caterers out there to deliver an excellent drinking and serving facility to your guests. Mind it! They'll surely love this masterpiece so hurry up and reserve your required pieces now!

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