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Blue Pottery Dessert Sets

Any meal is not complete without a dessert as they are the yummiest conclusion to our food. What if they could be served artistically. We present you our range of Blue pottery ceramic dessert sets, a fusion of tradition, style and elegance.

Imagine amazing your family and guests by a Multani dessert set with lively, vibrant colours and attractive patterns and motifs. Moreover, the glossy appearance magnifies the creativity and artistry on the hand-painted dessert sets. Beyond the serving purpose, it could be an ideal gift item. 

Multan is well known for its Kashi pottery, usually in beautiful indigo colour, prepared by passing through a complicated and time-consuming procedure of molding, casting, dying, painting, baking, and finally glazing resulting in an artful creation.        

Specs of Our Multani Dessert Sets:

 Make your sweet dishes sweeter by serving them in our Blue pottery dessert sets. Apart from glamour, these hold up many qualities as well. Our handcrafted dessert sets are profound to heat and can resist extreme temperatures that make them microwave safe and ovenproof. Further, you can easily wash them in any dishwasher. Not only this, the leftover meal could easily be refrigerated in the same bowls; they are crack free too.

We welcome our buyers to collect the handcrafted dessert sets, each with a diverse theme and unique floral, leafy or abstract patterns.

Our Multani dessert sets comprise a large serving bowl and six small bowls, having perfect dimensions for each serving. To satisfy your taste buds with a traditional style.

Why Choose Us For Hand Painted Dessert Sets?

 Apart from glamour and class, quality and durability promise, as our handmade dessert sets prepare from the finest clay and best ceramic combinations. We guarantee a 100% genuine product to our buyers.       

You are carrying a masterpiece from Multan, combining it with modern techniques to delight our consumers. Need to shop those eye capturing handcrafted dessert sets? You are at the right platform. Book your orders now! Our delivery service guarantees a profound product at your doorstep without burning a hole in your pocket. Yes! You read that right. Our Multani dessert sets are available at very affordable prices. Want more?? In addition to this, we run a return and exchange policy as well.

Handling Instructions:

Handle with care! As these ceramic bowls are fragile. Keep out from the children's range. Prevent scrubbing the surface with sharp or harsh objects. Just rinse them gently.

What's For Our Commercial Caterers?

We all love eating out with our friends, family or either colleague. Rather than the food, our mind is pleased with its presentation.

 We are looking for some earthenware to delight your customers. It's time to set your tables in a traditional and classy way. We are here for our commercial consumers, providing 100% genuine products and facility to order in bulk at quite reasonable prices. In case of any damage to the ceramic sets, we run an exchange policy while delivering.

What are you waiting for? Book your favourite dessert sets now and impress your customers by these pieces of art.

When it comes to the gatherings, birthdays, dinners or any occasion sweet dishes are the definite item in the menu. Earlier, people use to have preserved sweets like fruits, jelly, and wafers and by the time the variety got increased and people started loving sweet dishes. Sweets are very important in life and have a special role in our menu and of course after food, eating something sweet is tradition or habit too. Sweets have a different variety, flavours, and colours. Some people are expert in making sweets and some are not interested in it but they obviously like to eat. By the time, people preferred to have sweets in beautiful and attractive dessert sets which they can present in front of the guests.

If we talk about the past then sweet dishes were the definite item in daily routine they had sweets in handmade clay sets. Plus, handmade things were very popular and people loved to eat in it. Desserts have a special place in our menu and tummies as well. It has a huge variety and types which have been served with tea or coffee in the evening, after lunch or dinner and it also fulfils late-night sweet cravings.

Blue pottery is an art, passion, style, and also hard work and time-consuming process. Multan is a historical place for blue pottery and has a vast history too. Blue pottery has a huge range in kitchen accessories in which dessert sets are very popular.

Dessert sets are available in many forms but the most likely form is blue pottery dessert set. Blue pottery dessert set is made with clay, glass powder, ceramic powder and water with hands. Potters did their work with honesty, loyalty and most importantly hard work by using their skills. Every piece of set required 8 hours to develop the final shape. After completing shape potters leave it for 2 days for drying purpose. When the potter became sure that the set is completely dry they start painting on it to make it beautiful and attractive and decorate it with beautiful colors, designs, glitters and different paint styles.

Artisans Galleria provides you with beautiful and attractive blue pottery sets. We know about your need and your lifestyle. We made blue pottery sets according to your style, class and fulfil your demand. We provide you with a different design, colors, and shapes. Blue pottery sets are expensive than the others, but we offer you blue pottery items in the best rates as compared to the market which is quite affordable.

Our blue pottery dessert sets have six small bowls and a one large serving bowl. You can have dessert sets in every colour but our most amazing and attractive designs are Avena Gori, Antique and Neem Leaf Blue. Avena Gori dessert set shape is quite deep and has dark blue, light blue and white combination along with an elegant design which can be used in night gatherings of friends and family. On the other side, Neem Leaf Blue has the light blue base with dark blue and white patterns which suits in the summer evening and night gathering. Its light colour gives the soothing effect and the neem leaf pattern is quite attractive and also goes with the spring evening chit chat in the lawn. 

Moreover, Blue pottery sets look more beautiful and attractive than the other sets. Dessert is the post-meal dish to satisfy the sweet buds and one must have something unique which can add more sweetness into the dessert dishes. Blue pottery dessert set helps to enhance the decoration of any sweet dish. It looks unique and stylish because it is made in a unique and traditional style with hands. Artisans Galleria have the variety for every class, we have expensive high-class sets and affordable sets too and on both we offer free replacement in case of any damage or inconvenience.



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