No one is unaware of the great cricketer Wasim Akram; he was one of the greatest bowlers at his time. Wasim Akram has been regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in the history and contributed a lot to Pakistan through his cricket skills.

 Wasim Akram Recommended Artisans Galleria

On the Independence Day of Pakistan 14 August, 2018 Wasim Akram received a patriotic surprise gift from Artisans Galleria which he found out amazing. In his video message, Wasim Akram said, “thank you so much to the Artisans Galleria who sent me an amazing present, I am very impressed and this work is excellent and beautiful.”



Wasim Akram received the decoration pieces of two different style pots and one small handmade elephant for decoration.

Wasim Akram Receives Blue Pottery Present

Blue pottery is the 1000 years of art continued in Pakistan especially the root city Multan. So, this is very important to promote Pakistan’s tradition by presenting these handmade gifts on Independence Day. In Pakistan, Artisans Galleria is the one who is so much dedicated in promoting and reviving this ancient tradition and supporting the art and craft.

In this modern lifestyle and the hustle bustle of daily routine, we all got so busy to think about such stuff of old tradition and art. But now a new wave has begun to promote art and craft of Pakistan which has died among busy schedules. In Pakistan, we have millions of people having such amazing skills that could made handmade items. These handmade items need more time and efforts as compare to machine made items. Artists put all his skills, learning of years, time and effort in making each piece with hands and of course with accuracy. But the worst part is people compare the prices with machine-made items which have been made hundreds in an hour and handmade items need sometimes a day or two.

Artisans left hope for making handicrafts

The lack of understanding about the value of handmade items discouraged the millions of artists and they left using their skills. If you want to contribute something for your country then must support and encourage handmade items and the art and craft of Pakistan.

Artisans Pakistan

The demand has now been grown by the time but it needs to be supported more so the artists could use their skills and get the benefits.

Moreover, handmade products and the art and craft of Pakistan have been exported to other countries too as they are aware of the value of handmade products. Artisans Galleria contributing its part towards art and craft by making an ancient art of blue pottery with modern techniques, camel skin lamps and vases, handmade and hand painted tables, wood crafts, hand embroidered bed sheets, knitting and crochets clothes, blue pottery wall panels and tiles of different designs and block printed bed sheets as well.

Artisans Galleria promises for the quality and guarantees that they deliver exactly what they said. Everything they provide is handmade handcrafted, and hand painted with the premium quality and guarantee of years. Moreover, they own everything they deliver, unlike other sellers who never own deliver loses. Artisans Galleria bears delivery loses and have the replace option without any cost. Furthermore, they also have the money back guarantee if the product is not per your demand and they also offers free delivery over 1500 rupees shopping which is for art and craft promoting purpose.