Srha Asgr is the young and new face of Pakistani television industry; she recently joined television and worked in different drama serials on Hum TV and ARY Digital. Moreover, she has started her career with modeling and still maintaining her position in the modeling world while doing ads and brands promotions. She has got the cutest face and now became the prominent celebrity on television because of her skills and determination.

Support the Handmade - for Bringing the Art to the Cart - Srha Asgr

Srha Asgar, who is the role model of many youngsters these days, positively promoting handcrafts and the artwork of blue pottery, In her latest video, Srha Asgar said, “Hi, this is Srha Asgar, Artisans Galleria is trying to revive thousand years old art and craft and blue pottery.” She further advised the reliable source of getting approved art and craft by saying, “all you have to do is to go to a website which is for premium quality stuff. Support the handmade; for bringing the art to the cart.”

Well, along with Srha Asgar many other popular personalities are promoting the art and craft which has been ignored earlier. Srha Asgar is supporting the ancient traditional art of blue pottery by showing her own ceramic pot in her video which she already added in her cart and advising you to add it too.

Srha Asgr supports Made in Pakistan - Artisans Galleria

You have probably seen blue pottery patterns and designs in white and blue colors on various buildings like mosques, Sufi shrines, tombs, old buildings, and many other places as well. When we see these buildings, a term antique clicks to our minds because the patterns show the uniqueness itself. These building became the antique pieces which were designed and painted by the artists of blue pottery over decades ago. However, somehow these patterns only got restricted in the models or building and people became far away from the ancient tradition of our forefathers.

But hey, the best part is that art and craft have again come into a fashion and style. People are now using and also promoting blue pottery at a huge level. Previously, Multan was the only city where the blue pottery have been made and sell but now many other cities like Gujranwala, Lahore, and Sargodha are making and selling ceramic handmade pottery products too. You can also find blue pottery decoration pieces in malls and stores of antiques or unique pieces.

Moreover, you can also buy the dinner sets, tea sets, plates, cups, mugs, pots, and decorative items in blue pottery patterns along with different colors online on different websites. Meanwhile, they might be of poor quality and could be broken or cracked due to extra heat or in the refrigerator. For the premium quality as Srha Asghar said you should buy from Artisans Galleria. They are selling the best and durable products which are heatproof, oven proof and refrigerator safe plus they are also guaranteed the color and shine.

No matter if you are an art lover or not, using blue pottery crockery and decorative items would definitely admires your taste of selection and praise the environment of your home. The best part is in a modern art style you would get different colors too like yellow, light green, brown, blue, white, and terracotta red color. You can select it according to your choice or which suits with other stuff.

Multan is rich with culture and historical heritage and keeps promoting this art with unique and antique patterns and designs which are made with hands. You would find handmade utensils, clay pots, vases, lamps, wall panels and hangings. Each piece has been made with extraordinary skills so you also should keep promoting and buying the traditional art.