The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has visited Washington DC, and it was his first official visit to America. The Prime Minister has been invited by the President of United States Donald Trump which went successful. PM Imran Khan has taken with him a traditional gift for Trump, which was the special vase made of camel skin and a portrait of

President Trump on it. It was a handmade masterpiece which has such an elegant design along with the portrait seeks the attention of everyone out there. That vase was designed and made by the artist Abdul Rehman and the portrait has been painted by another artist based in Islamabad, Hanifuallah Khan. Hanifuallah Said, “The most difficult part for me was to ace Donald Trump’s portrait because popular personalities from all across the world will have a look at it.”

Multani Camel Skin Vase – A Gift for American President from PM Imran Khan - Artisans Galleria

However, this unique yet elegant piece of art was the combination of two cities and two different artists who’s competitive, creative and experienced in both forms of Naqqashi. Abdul Rehman has made a smooth vase of camel skin under special temperature and gives the perfect and smooth surface for painting. The Artist said, “It’s a most difficult technique, as we have to make the surface of the vase smooth enough to paint a portrait.” This vase has been made initially in Multan which is the main center of handicrafts and pottery and has a wide history of artisans. Moreover, the artist Abdul Rehman has a strong history of Naqqashi as his father Malik Ashiq was the famous artist of his times and also got the civilian award the “Pride of Performance”. He has been known for his special talent of Naqqashi which grabbed a lot of appreciation and attention. While talking about the history of his forefathers, the artist Abdul Rehman said, “The family has been in the trade of Naqqashi for the last 900 years. The art has been transferred to us from generation to generation.”

Well, making items with camel skin is quite tricky and needs expertise. Despite, it too has many amazing facts of camel skin which make it's more unique. The camel skin is light in weight but sometimes weather conditions and water effects it due to which southern Punjab city is the only place which gives the perfect weather conditions, temperature and ambiance to transform the camel skin into amazing art. Additionally, this camel skin has 100 years of warranty as it does not expire but it has to be maintained according to weather conditions.

Hanifullah Khan Camel Skin Artist makes Trump Portrait - Artisans Galleria

Moreover, artists use oil or watercolors to paint on camel skin. Plus, the selection of the colors is a quite tricky step as the good selection would create a good piece of art. The artist always makes sure the quality along with the appearance and safe the art pieces with a special wooden coating which makes it durable. The famous artist Abdul Rehman has made thousands of art pieces till this date and also attached with the Artisans Galleria’s panel

Although Multan is itself the main center and fortress of pottery, handicraft and art meanwhile Abdul Rehman and his father has a special and prominent place and services towards the art which can't be denied at all. They have started this art and now the museums of more than 50 countries have the artistic pieces made of camel skin. Making a one-piece which grabs the attention requires a lot of effort and skills or artists and several artists put their efforts which lead the final result. The artists used to make lamps, decoration pieces, flower pots, jewelry boxes and much more from the camel skin. Despite all this, Abdul Rehman was the first one who introduced the portraits on camel skin and has already made many of the pieces having portraits of famous personalities. Multan is known for its art around the globe and the export to different countries should be promoted as well.

Camel Skin Lamps and Vases by Artisans Galleria

Similarly, the gift of camel skin vase to President Trump from Imran Khan is its self-promotion of art and culture and a good step towards the ancient art. Abdul Rehman Naqash says that the role of three persons builds one single piece of art which are Naqash, Clayman, and Dabgar. He said, “A Naqash designs the product and delivers it to Clayman who molds the clay according to the required design and sends it to Dabgar who does the job of removing hair and flesh from the camel skin and making several skin layers after cleaning it. He wraps the wet skin onto the clay mold and the joints in the skin naturally mix after being dried for two days.”

Abdul Rehman has learned this art from his father and now is transferring the techniques of art to others by arranging workshops in different cities and countries including, Germany, USA, and India. He promotes this art while traveling the world and promotes the culture and heritage of Pakistan.