Newly crowned Miss Pakistan World 2020 Areej Chaudhary is the 1st girl chosen directly from Pakistan at the age of 24, after 17 years. Areej is representing Pakistan and its culture in different international pageants.

Miss Pakistan World 2020 Areej Chaudhary

Miss Pakistan World 2020 Areej Chaudhary

Areej starts work with different charities in Pakistan, She aims to promote Pakistani image in good forums while she promotes and supports the handicraft industry of Pakistan, She spoke about Artisans Galleria for the best handicraft manufacturers in Pakistan and suggest to use handmade products to make our traditions alive.

Miss Pakistan World 2020, Areej Chaudhary Supports Handicraft Industry in Pakistan

Miss Pakistan 2020 spoke in favour of Artisans galleria that you must visit their website for quality handicraft products, so we can make our traditions alive.

Miss Pakistan 2020, Areej Chaudhary Supports Made in Pakistan

Miss Pakistan 2020, Areej Chaudhary Supports Made in Pakistan

Miss Pakistan 2020 recommends using traditional crafts for bringing the art to the cart, we must buy hand made in Pakistan for the support of our artists and handicraft industry in Pakistan.

More she encourages to use hand made in our routine life and suggests to use made in Pakistan products for the fact that it will empower declining sector of handicrafts and will boost our home industry.

She also repeats the slogan of Artisans Galleria "I support Made in Pakistan, Be Loyal, Buy Local" in her recent video message.

Social activities of Miss Pakistan 2020 

Areej chaudhary joins JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter as an ambassador and starts working for the awareness of animal abuse in Pakistan. Areej also visited a Madrassah where she distributed cookies, crayons, candies and books with Mr. Pakistan World 2020, Kevaan Hasnain. More Areej Chaudhry aims more visits to madrassah for meeting the children who study there.

While visiting Qaid-E-Azam International Hospital in Islamabad, Areej Chaudhry meets some of the critically ill patients, hopes and wish them for their early recovery. Chaudhry has made her schedule to visit more NGO's in near future.

Miss Pakistan 2020 Areej Chaudhry reveals her participation in Miss Pakistan World 2020 pageant by saying; "I want to explore the beauty of Pakistan and the culture, which has its own significance, I want to become a symbol of motivation and inspiration for every woman in Pakistan and want to promote the cause in international forums" This will set our women to believe in themselves which helps to overcome the barriers set by our society.

Areej Chaudhary is giving interview to Dawn News after becoming Miss Pakistan

Miss Pakistan World is a platform in which every Pakistani woman has the opportunity to bring their talent on the international platforms with different cultures, traditions and countries.

This will bring an opportunity to work in a vast environment and know about the different cultures and arts.

Winning the title of Miss Pakistan World 2020 is also an art thing, we need to promote arts and entertainment in our country and should promote this cause for the betterment of our society and culture.

Handicraft industry of Pakistan

Handicraft industry of Pakistan

Artisans Galleria is an association of employees and artists who work together to promote handmade and our historic traditions. Currently, it is the only platform which represents the overall handicrafts of Pakistan and deals with premium quality products for export and local wholesale.

Artisans Galleria is the very 1st handicraft manufacturers and promoters in Pakistan which produces a huge amount of exports of premium quality crafts. It enhances the overall sale within the handicrafts sector of Pakistan and helps to increase the export ratio.

Opportunities for unprivileged artists

There is a vast range of arts, crafts and entertainment and lots of opportunities to work with. There are other types of artists too which crafts their talent on some other medium than media forums.

Blue Pottery of Pakistan

There are potters who make clay pottery, and as we know we have a tradition of Blue Pottery and other handmade crockery and decor items in our history. these items have a huge demand and liking all over the world.

Camel Skin Crafts of Multan

A camel skin craft is another craft which has a prominent part in our arts and crafts chapter. There are local women struggling to live their lives making and hand painting on camel skin leather.

Himalayan Salt Products

A salt lamp is a very unique product which is only manufactured in Pakistan and derived from Himalayan Salt Range, which is located at Khewra and Sadiqabad Salt Ranges.

These are the prominent art objects which have a good part in our exports and have a good effect on our Pakistani economy. Miss Pakistan Arooj Chaudhry is willing to become a voice of all the artists underprivileged in Pakistan. Chaudhry appreciates the work of Artisans Galleria for promoting the arts and crafts and local artists with their products with the modernism.

As Artisans Galleria is a vital part of our handicraft industry who aims to promote our local heritage and tradition all over the World and spread a soft image of Pakistan.

People gaining their interest in Handicraft manufacturers in Pakistan because of unique and beautiful handmade products, manufacturers of handicrafts are introducing new techniques day by day to improve the quality of their crafted products which improves the industry.

Message from the President of Miss Pakistan World

President of Miss Pakistan World Sonia Ahmed stated, "in our history, it is the 1st time that Pakistani girl has been crowned and nominated on the soil of Pakistan. This is our win in seventeen years that a girl becomes a part of Miss Pakistan World. We are very happy and thankful that Areej Chaudhry is finally a winner. This is a very interesting journey for our team and artists and we are very excited to see the response of Pakistan".