Blue pottery is an art of ancient times; it is called an art of 1000s of years which makes it unique. It is basically started in Turko-Persian origin and later became the tradition of Multan the city of Pakistan. However, if we consider the history of blue pottery in Pakistan that how it actually started then there was a time when Mohammad Bin Qasim came to Pakistan from Iran/Persia and he had some Naqashi artists with him. Those artists taught other people about this art in Multan and this how Multan became the root of blue pottery in Pakistan.

Blue pottery is not only an art, it is a tradition of our ancients and the great artists used to decorate the mosques, tombs and other places with their specific patterns using white and blue colors which we now called them “Antique models”. Mughals of subcontinent used the blue pottery crockery and decoration pieces at their place and later it became the fashion and these pieces still remind us about the history.

This pottery products dough is made with white clay, glass powder, gum, cooper, and water. Potters knead the dough and form the desired shape and let them dry. After drying and glazing of pot the artists decorate it with different design patterns which include angori design, TRD, Gori design, Multani Kashi and Antique designs. Each design has its own story and different explanation of art which could not be ignored.

Pakistani entertainment industry is now supporting our ancient tradition and art which is somehow getting blurred in this busy and fast forward lifestyle. The film, television artists and even cricketers collaborated with Artisans Galleria to support ceramic pottery of Pakistan. Artisans Galleria is strict to its motive in supporting and promoting the art and craft in an approved way. People left using blue pottery products because of poorly glazed products which were unhealthy earlier. Artisans Galleria is promoting blue pottery with the confidence that their products are highly glazed, oven proof, heatproof and refrigerator safe.

Maria Wasti encourages Artisans Galleria

Maria Wasti is a famous and most talented actress of Pakistani films and television industry. From last few years, she has been working as a television host and her morning show which broadcasted in Turkey was one of her popular shows.

Maria Wasti Turkey Morning Show

Well, Maria is a well-accomplished actress and maintained her position in a competitive environment of Pakistani film and television industry. She also used Artisans Galleria blue pottery pieces in her daily lifestyle.

Maria Wasti Turkey  Morning Show

In a recent interview Maria Wasti said, “Hi, I would like to thank Artisans Galleria for sending me this beautiful gift of very colorful and beautiful blue pottery, I really love colors in traditional patterns and a beautiful lamp that I am using in my bedroom now, and these beautiful pieces are handmade, handcrafted and hand painted and they are oven proof and microwave safe as well. So, thank you once again and I am loving it.” 



Maria Wasti is always overwhelming for the handmade and hand-painted items because they are unique in itself. She admires the traditional patterns over the products along with beautiful colors which do not get dull with the time.

Maria Wasti Admires Blue Pottery of Multan

We always use our favorite item in our bedrooms and using ceramic pottery lamp in her bedroom shows her love towards blue pottery patterns and designs or maybe the tradition.

Maria Wasti uses Blue Pottery

Artisans Galleria provides highly glazed blue pottery items such as dinner sets, tea sets, plates and mugs and they are 100% healthy and durable. They are also giving the 1000 years guarantee of the color which will not get faded and will shine like you bought if right now. However, along with these artists, we all should also promote our 100 years of tradition with proud.