Sana Fakhar is a household name in Pakistan; born as Sana Nawaz, she rose to prominence during the mid-1990 and early 2000's. Sana is one of Pakistan's leading film actresses. She worked in Lollywood-the local film industry-when no one dared to venture in the business. Her peers and fellow actors call her a professional and a workaholic. She is popular among the youth of the country, for she is famous for her romantic roles in otherwise mundane films.

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Sana began her career from the sets of the Pakistan Television (PTV) and made her cinematic debut in the year 1997 from the film Sangam, which was directed by the country’s most versatile, talented and experienced directors Syed Noor. From then on, there was no looking back for Sana. She accepted movie after movie until she made a name for herself in the industry and the country.

Sana Fakhar IPPA Awards 2018

Apart from acting, Sana has modeled for countless local and international brands and, often she was the show stopper!

Sana Fakhar Lollywood Star

Like her esteemed colleague Benita David, Sana has also become a fan of the Artisans Galleria. From time to time, Sana has pledged support to local content and the local industry, as an artist herself, she realizes the importance of assisting and promoting local talent, and so on numerous occasions, she has pledged her support to Artisans Galleria.



Artisans Galleria is a platform that strives to promote local artists and artistry in Pakistan. It is an epitome of contemporary art combining with ancient forms of creativity and craftsmanship. The company acts as a middle-man or a bridge between the customer and the artist. It provides the artists with the state-of-the-art facilities for practicing and producing their piece of work, and when the time comes, it also provides them with a stage to present their brilliance.

Ceramics and pottery are the specialties of Artisans Galleria, and Sana Fakhar has become an aficionado of them. She has particularly liked the Vinca Colorful Straight Mug.

Blue Pottery Mug Vinca Colorful

The Vinca Colorful Straight Mug is made of white clay, which is also known as ceramics. It is crafted and painted by hands, hence, making it very delicate. The base color of the mug is dark blue in shade, while the bottom and the handle are white in color. As the name suggests, the container is composed of multi-colored butterfly and heart designs that add to the majestic facade of the mug.

Sana also well-received the Baltic Sea Dinner Plate. The plate weighs about 700 grams and is made purely from white ceramics and has a diameter of 9.8 inches and it is approximately an inch thick. It is called the sea because it is blue in color, it takes the shade of the sea.

Blue Pottery Plate Baltic Sea

This form of cutlery may not be the norm now, nor is it found readily in the market. But, we at Artisans Galleria are about keeping close ties with our roots. The Raita pots are all about remembering and celebrating our heritage. The Angori Raita pots are shaped like a ship. It weighs approximately 600 grams and is purely constructed from ceramics and has a length of nine inches and a depth of four inches.

Blue Pottery Raita Pot Angoori Design

Unlike much of the Galleria's work, the raita pot has a white base and a fine blue and pink colored painting covers its whole body. Its sole purpose is to revive the long-dead tradition of having a raita pot on our tables.

Artisans Galleria is a local initiative of the city of Multan. It aims to promote the local talented people of the province and make their work recognized all across the globe.