Well, blue pottery is not only famous among actors but journalists are also going with the flow of trending blue pottery items.

Huda Shah Unveils her Blue Pottery Collection

Huda Shah is the new face in Pakistani Electronic media and works as a news anchor at Lahore based Neo News channel.

This pretty lady with versatile skills covers many tasks at news channel like she used to do anchoring, field reporting, covers entertainment and sports news, event coverage and much more.

Huda Shah 24 News

Huda Shah also likes blue pottery items and uses them at her home. In her recent video, she shared her blue pottery items and had an amazing experience using them.



Huda Shah said, “I have received blue pottery from Artisans Galleria. I have this cup, this is so beautiful you can check out its art and its quality and I have a blue pot as well. If I talk about Artisans Galleria, then Artisans Galleria is trying to revive 1000 years old crafts and art of blue pottery and trust me this is 100% handmade. Another quality is that you can use it in the microwave and it is so beautiful that you can serve in it as well. You will find the link www.artisansgalleria.com so go and visit the page and select your choice of pottery and order, Thank you!”

She also post beautiful pictures of blue pottery on her Instagram by saying "I support made in Pakistan, Be loyal, Buy Local" in favor of handicraft sector.

As Huda Shah said you can use blue pottery for serving purpose and they are microwave safe, heatproof and refrigerator safe as well. Earlier, people stopped using blue pottery in the kitchen because they were not safe. But Artisans Galleria includes modern techniques without losing the ancient tradition.

A question might arise to your mind that why you should buy from Artisans Galleria or from which source you should buy the best quality blue pottery? Well, before buying blue pottery one thing you should know that for glazing purpose Lead and Cadmium has been used which are toxic and not good for health when they interact with heat. Meanwhile, Artisans Galleria is using toxic free glazing which is healthy and durable as well. Artisans Galleria is an approved forum in providing best and healthy quality products to their clients and putting its efforts to revive an ancient tradition.

Blue pottery is an old art which is also called a Sufi art, you would find these patterns on shrines, mosques, tombs and old buildings as well and they instantly give us a feeling of antiqueness and old tradition. In Pakistan, Multan is the main root in making blue pottery products. Other than this, “Institute of Blue Pottery Development” has also been established to revive this dying tradition in Multan. Youngsters of Pakistan came from far areas there to learn the techniques from the skilled teachers and trying to include modern techniques and designs as well in this ancient art. 

An artist forms each piece a unique and attractive piece by putting his skills through the brush strokes. Blue pottery is the beautiful combination of art and innovation, artists innovate different designs each time which separately speaks its own history. Dark blue, light blue, and white are the main colors because only these colors have been used earlier. Now, other colors have also been included like terracotta red, green, light green, brown and yellow to add bit modernization in it.

Besides using blue pottery to decorate our homes, this is an easy way to spread our ancient tradition around the world but presenting these products to our loved ones. Blue pottery is the best gift as they are totally handmade, handcrafted and hand painted which makes it unique and special as well.