Artisans Galleria showcase their divergent art and craft in expo center Lahore. Large number of people joined the exhibition and praised them a staggering amount of creative ground. The exhibition was held in April 2017 where visitors took great interest in blue pottery, wood craft and camel skin lamps. The remarkable aspect of this exhibition was creating awareness regarding handmade and develop relationship between the creator of the product and the customer directly. Buyer does value the product when they know the process of making this craft and craftsmen also feel a sense of pride by getting praised directly. Pakistani handicrafts are recognized globally and Artisans Galleria is working on the continuous improvement and product development to lead this sector.

“Artisans Galleria Art & Craft is on Display at expo Center Lahore”; exhibition coverage by Ifrah Fayyaz, featured in Nawaiwaqt. See Link Here.

Handicraft Exhibition by Artisans Galleria