Blue Pottery in Multan was a major source of livelihood for thousands of people in past. But the rising cost of raw material, lack of development in product, repetition of the designs and poor marketing network have brought this industry to its current depressing state.

Revival of blue pottery is only dependent on flourishing handcraft workshops, creating high demand and product development. It would not wrong to say Artisans Galleria is continuously exploring new ways of marketing, research and development to create high demand of blue pottery among locals and foreign markets.

One of the company's director spoke about the milestones that the company achieved during a couple of year. The company established policies with perspectives of consumer behavior and employee psychology, in his view “the sector will boost with right marketing strategies and making improvements where we lack”. Although, he agreed that many artisans have switched over to other means of livelihood, but he anticipated this sector will be able to produce high GDP and one of the high-income generation industry of Pakistan.

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Artisans Galleria streamlines R&D to speed up innovation in Blue Pottery