Using blue pottery at home and in kitchen has now become the latest trend in Pakistan too. Among many other prominent personalities, Aleena Lodhi Haroon is also using blue pottery items in her home on daily basis. Aleena Lodhi Haroon is the Pakistani journalists and an Anchorperson, and currently hosting the famous HD game show “Bhoojo to Jeeto” on Lahore News channel. Aleena Lodhi is also a fashion icon with a pretty face and versatile qualities.

Aleena Lodhi Haroon Recommends Blue Pottery by Artisans Galleria

Aleena Lodhi Haroon

Aleena Lodhi also encourages blue pottery products and supports the 100 years old tradition of art and crafts by using such products at home. Recently, in her video message, she showed her love towards blue pottery by holding her ceramic pottery handmade mug in hand.


Aleena said, “You can see a very beautiful mug in my hand which is by Artisans Galleria. The best part is their all crockery and other items are hand painted and handcrafted, which is an amazing thing and its best to use for refrigerator, for microwave, for washing and even for food. So, you can see their all items on and the prices are also very reasonable, so do check!”

Aleena Lodhi is holding the blue pottery mug which has the great and unique design on it in blue and white color. Handmade, hand painted and handcrafted items along with premium and long-lasting quality is surely a good opportunity to get it for daily usage.

Aleena Lodhi Recommends Blue Pottery By Artisans Galleria


Blue Pottery Cover Mug Avena Gori

Artisans Galleria is very determined to revive the ancient tradition of blue pottery, art and craft by selling good quality, camel skin lamps, wood crafts, hand embroidered items and dinner set, tea set, plates, mugs and pots in blue pottery. These all items are available in different colors like yellow, light green, brown, blue, and white and red. You can also get Kashi table, Mughal Handi, Marrakech Tagemi and Italian Tea set which will admire your taste and reflects the tradition of ancient Mughals era.

Multan, the city of Pakistan is the main and focused point for handmade and handcrafted blue pottery. The Kashi artists of subcontinent came to Multan and taught other people about this art of blue pottery. At that time, Multan was the only city where blue pottery items have been made but now many other cities are making and promoting ceramic pottery.

Multan Fort Blue Pottery Central Point

Furthermore, if we go into the detail of blue pottery that how it actually made then you will find that it takes time in making and also has been made with such amazing skills and effort. Each piece of blue pottery has been decorated by the hand of Kashi artists and he put all his skills and versatility in each piece with such dedication to make it more attractive. Potters make dough of white clay, glass powder, gum, and water then add this mixture into the molds made by the plastic of Paris then let it dry. After drying the models, all the pieces have been handed over to the artists. This artist makes different designs with special colors and their hand movements made each piece a unique one. After that, all products have been glazed and fired for a few hours to make it durable. Finely glazed blue pottery products are long-lasting and also don’t have the bad effects on health.

Institute of Blue Pottery Multan

Meanwhile, the Institute of Blue Pottery Development in Multan is working on the development of this dying art. Students of this institute have been encouraged to develop new and unique designs and they are also using modern and latest techniques as well. Girls of Multan are working on the different color scheme and modern designs to take the blue pottery to the next level and let the art breathe again!