What are Copper Utensils?

Copper is a metal which has the 6,000 years of history, and since then this metal has been used for kitchen utensils, technological instruments, and decorative material. Due to its super and excellent properties, copper had been considered as the best kitchen utensil and for kitchenware. Kitchenware and cookware made of copper had been used in every era for such a long time and almost around the globe. Currently, Chile is the largest producer of copper in the world, but if you go into history, then India has the long-established history of copper usage. By the start of the 17th century, the copper utensils were everywhere in India, and that century was the remarkable copper revolution in the subcontinent. India is the treasure land of copper, and it has both religious and cultural significance.

What are Copper Utensils

Ancient Existence

Moreover, the copper kitchen utensils and cookware were used hugely in Mughal kitchen and Rajpoot palaces, they used the huge cooking bowls, boxes, serving dishes, cookware, utensils, vessels, stove pans and crockery made of copper.

Modern Existence

Now, you would find most of the old copper utensils and stuff like pans, glasses, pots, plates, cutlery, and trays in museums, exhibitions, showrooms, art galleries. Furthermore, the use of copper utensils and kitchenware is back in trend now, and people admire to have copper kitchenware due to its amazing properties, and it’s the mark of elegance and class at the same time. Today, silver, glass, stainless steel and non-stick have replaced the copper, but still, its significance is alive, and people who know its properties likes to have it in their kitchen.
Pros and Cons of Copper Utensils


The copper utensil always used after coating or silverware polish, which is also known as “Kali” in Pakistan. This coating has many benefits, but the only con is that it gets dull after some time. But now, along with other developments we can have such copper utensils or kitchenware with such an amazing polish or coating which does not get dull and has the warranty.

Copper in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you would still find copper dishes and utensils in high-class restaurants as it is the sign of class and gives the ancient feeling. The walled city of Lahore is famous for such items, you would find what you name from cooking utensils to tableware, from kitchenware to decoration pieces, and everything made of pure copper is available in narrow streets. The narrow streets are the attraction for foreigners, but we ignore to visit there as the shopping malls visits changes our minds. Even in a huge shopping mall, you would find such antique shops having copper decoration items, but they are few, for people who like to have copper in their kitchen now has the best option of online shopping which is hassle-free plus the one-stop-shop.

Copper Utensils Benefits

Copper used for around thousands of years due to its positive characteristics and properties for health plus a lot of researches have been conducted on to the rich properties of using copper and shares the copper utensils benefits here we are going to share few of them.

  • Copper conducts heat five times better than iron or steel and spread heat evenly. It is durable, hygienic, and perfect heat conductor which requires less effort for keeping food warm at a longer time.
  • Copper has the natural sterilizing effect on bacteria and effectively kills the common bacteria which affect the health.
  • Copper has strong antioxidants properties which help in killing the reasons that could cause cancer. Not only this but also helps in curing multiple diseases like anemia, arthritis, lower the risks of heart strokes, reduce bad cholesterols and triglyceride levels, it detoxes the stomach and regulates the kidney and liver functions. Its antioxidant properties help in the better immune system and produce healthy skin cells which itself cures a lot of diseases.
  • People who are trying to lose weight must have this in daily use, as its properties help in the elimination of fat cells. The copper-infused water boosts the metabolism rate and ensures the proper functioning of different organs.
  • Despite body health, copper also has the amazing skin and beauty components in it. Copper has the properties of melanin production and stimulates the collagen and elastin melanin defines the color of eyes, hairs, and skin; melanin and collagen improves the skin texture. It helps in skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, white patches, sunburns, premature grey hair, age spots, discoloration, pigmentation, and other cures other skin related issues.
  • Along with other copper utensils benefits, it also helps in Internal and outer wounds, bones issues, respiratory disorders, piles, burns, and infections can also be cured through copper usage

Copper Utensils Benefits

Disadvantages of Copper

Despite the advantages, some studies show the disadvantages or harm ness of using copper. The first thing to know is that copper pans lined with tin or steel and stainless steel lined or coated copper pans are more expensive than tin but long-lasting as well and safe for health but the copper in-lay cooking ware is harmful to health.

  • Copper is reactive with acidic food and leaves the metallic taste after being cooked.
  • Copper dinnerware is relatively the expensive type of cookware as it requires the polishing after some time even if it is not in use.
  • This need to be handled carefully like it needs to be washed and clean by hands and citric juice or tomato juice could damage it.

Helpful for Kitchenware

Despite its reaction with citric food and careful maintenance plus, it’s the high-end item for the kitchen, it still has a lot of benefits and would be the wonderful material as kitchenware and drinking water. The best steel inlay is the safest form of copper kitchenware, and now the long-lasting material is available too. Plus it would enhance the beauty of your kitchen and presentation at the same time. The one-time investment is not only for your kitchen but for your good health as well.

Helpful for Kitchenware

Handling Instructions

After reading so many amazing benefits, you want to use copper utensils for cooking, but before that, you must read the following handling or care instructions to make your utensils long-lasting and safe.

  • The first step after getting the copper utensils for cooking to your home, you need to wash it properly as the items came directly from the warehouse and probably had the dust particles on it. For proper cleaning the utensils, you have to dip them into hot mixed detergent water for 10 to 15 minutes, wash with a soft brush and dry out with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Copper utensils are not microwave and dishwasher safe. You need to wash them with hands and don’t use any harsh rubber to wash them.
  • Direct interaction of your food with copper might not be good. Steel inlay is good for health also doesn’t react with food. If you are using copper thali for presentation, you may use banana leaves over the dish, so the hot food doesn’t interact with copper directly.
  • Copper does oxidize with the time as it is the nature of copper. You can polish them at home using specific powders easily available in markets and for the cleaning process, You can use Pitambri powder.
  • For sanitizing the copper utensils, you can prepare the mixture of 1 tablespoon unscented chlorine bleach into a gallon of warm water and dip the utensils for a few minutes. It will sanitize them and after that dry them with a soft cloth or air dry.


Modern Trend

    Use of Copper utensils is back in trend from the last few years, some of the high and fine restaurants and cafes are using the copper tableware for food presentations. The shiny bronze look of these utensils grabs the attention and looks elegant at first glance. Hotels and restaurants are especially presenting traditional foods like karahi, handi, BBQ, Biryani, and Kabab. Especially, the restaurants that are on Mughlai theme must have copper utensils as it is the mark of Mughal times. Moreover, if you order any Mughlai dish, the restaurant would serve that in a copper dish to give a proper Mughlai feel. For that, they use a copper grill with a tong, copper handi, and copper karahi and to make it warm they also use copper burners. You would find such utensils in fine restaurants they might be on the buffet table or serve you in table orders too.

    Modern Trend and Copper Utensils

    Use in Events

    Additionally, copper utensils also have been used in marriage ceremonies, events, and family gatherings too — people who like the bronze and shiny look to love to add them to their presentation. Copper skillets and pots heat up quickly, and it evenly spread heat which causes less effort while cooking and requires less time as compared to cooking in other metals, also it responds immediately to the temperature which you adjust while cooking. It is the reason chefs in fine restaurants and hotels prefer to cook in copper pots. You can get those benefits at home while cooking in copper pots and pans.

    Copper Elegance

    Copper utensils are the mark of class and elegance, and it also shows the ancient tradition of using copper utensils. Moreover, it is an expensive item among other metals like iron, steel, non-stick, and much more, which now makes it a class and status symbol. People who prefer branded clothes and branded stuff would add copper utensils into their kitchenware or tableware as it admires the taste of selection. You can go with some small BBQ grill and copper handi for the presentation purpose at your home gatherings and parties, people who would visit defiantly praise your taste. Not only this, the shiny bronze pots would change the entire look of your table. Furthermore, you can also go with some theme and serve the welcoming juices in copper glasses along with the vessel, and after use, you can decorate that in you drawing room shelve or kitchen shelves, it works in both manners.

    Copper Karahi Suppliers and Manufacturers

    Without any doubts, copper utensils are that attractive and classy that you can also gift it to anyone at their wedding or some event, you would never regret that. The large copper utensils for cooking might be expensive as it costs in grams so you can for small serving dishes which are affordable and additionally to get the benefits of copper you can go for the copper glasses and drink water in it to get all the positive benefits of it, it is cheap as well. Small pots, plates, and glasses are affordable and can easily be added in your daily routine to cure all the health and skin issues. Moreover, the copper presentation grills and pots would let you enjoy the sense of proper cuisine while staying at home. Copper utensils add passion and rustic feeling to your table and kitchen, and when you have the amazing metal along with so many health benefits, then you should never go for the other metals, as it is the lifetime investment.

    copper Grill for serving

    There is no doubt, that when you start using copper, you would never skip it, and once you get the desired results out of your cooking, the relationship with the copper utensils would be stronger. 

    Best Quality Copper Utensils for Kitchen

    The question arises that how could you find the best high-quality copper utensils for your kitchen, which too have been coated properly and have a steel inlay. You would hardly find copper items in markets for that you may need to visit the narrow streets of old bazaars or visit the expensive shops of malls.

    Copper Handi Suppliers and Manufacturers

    Online Website

    Artisans Galleria is the best option to get original copper utensils with high-quality steel inlay. You would find the wide range of copper tableware and kitchenware at your doorstep in a hassle freeway. All the items produced under strict instructions, and they guarantee the use of original copper and high-quality steel inlay. It is the one-stop-shop for all your needs, and all the brides-to-be can also select the best crockery sets online on Artisans Galleria and grab the appreciation from the in-laws. As long as when you have the best option of copper to select then why go for the other common tableware. Once you use them, you would never regret losing the chance of getting the best items in your kitchen. No matter what you are selecting it is the one-time investment and may last for generations.