Handi is a multipurpose kitchen utensil. Different people use handi for different cooking like some use for preparing biryani, some for daal, some for vegetables, curry, karahi, and so on. So whatever purpose handi is used for, it is still a versatile crockery item. Earlier you needed to search a lot to buy the handi that matches your need but thanks to new technologies and the internet you can easily find all that you are looking for on online platforms.

Good material is very important

Do you Know Handi is Available in a Variety of Materials?

The most popular handi among various available is the Mitti ki Handi.
You cannot trust every handi seller online because many do not use good material for making handi or some chemicals may leach and produce a foul smell that may make food unhygienic and unhealthy to cook and eat in a handi.

So it is better to look for authentic platforms to buy mitti handi, mitti handi utensils, and another material handi.

We have compiled different types of handi available in the market so that you can select the one you like.

Types of Handi

Clay Handi / Soil Handi / Mitti ki Handi


Clay is a porous material and when it is saturated with water while heating on the stove then slowly steam is generated from the pores. This creates an environment favourable for cooking food and adds more taste to it. The heavy clay lid creates an environment inside the handi which helps in enriched cooking of food. This handi requires less amount of water and with minimum oil cooks delicious food. The porous nature of clay allows the heat and moisture to circulate evenly. As clay handi require less oil to cook food thus the food cooked in this handi is low in fat content than using any other material handi.

Nutritional value of cooking in earthen pots

Clay handi seals the nutrients as they lock in the steam. Clay handi for cooking is good as clay is a toxin-free and chemical-free giving pure taste to the food. The health benefits of using clay handi are numerous like they add natural nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, iron, sulfur, and magnesium to the food which in turn is good for health. The alkaline nature of clay also decreases the acidic content of food and helps in easy digestion.

just a tip to consider for earthen pots.

When you buy clay handi for cooking online then you must check the base of the handi as it should be a little flat rather than round for easy and stable placement on the stove for cooking food. Clay handi comes in various capacities and you can select the size as per your family size.

clay handi

You can buy clay handi online from various online websites including the most authentic hand made handi seller The Artisan Galleria.

Non-Stick Handi

Non Stick Handi

With changes in kitchenware more and more new tech is involved in the handi. With the trend of non-stick cookware, handi is also modernized for different stove types. Like for electric stoves, induction non-stick handi is a great choice. The non-stick helps to make food without fear of sticking into the handi and enjoying the same aura as that of mitti ki handi. They come in a wide range of beautiful, stylish, and modern designs that makes them the best for even serving at the table. The solid non-stick coating is tough enough to sustain the heat for everyday use.

Aluminum Handi

Pots and pans we use for cooking food have an impact on the food cooked in it. The material they are made, enter into the food cooked in this cookware.
Aluminum material is lightweight and a good heat conductor. It is also a less expensive and popular choice for cooking. There is a very less amount of aluminum transfer to the food when aluminum handi is used for cooking. This is good for both cooking and serving. This handi is made from top quality aluminum with durable and easy maintenance material. This strong aluminum handi is durable and does not bend or dent easily with normal routine use.
The best part of this handi is easy cleaning and shining looks
The silver shining looks very appealing. Some handi is simple in design and some come with beautiful designs and make the cooking experience more exciting.

Aluminum Handi

Looking for Aluminum Handi for Your Home?

You can find this brilliant product online from OLX, Daraz, and Artisan galleria. Artisan galleria provides brilliant quality aluminum handi which can be used both on high and low flame. We provide aluminum handi which is easily washable and scratch-resistant.

Steel Handi

Steel handi for cooking is now more in use in comparison to old traditional handi for many good reasons. Many factors make this handi useful. Steel handi is very useful and durable like it is indestructible and has lifetime usage duration. The problems like chipping of non-stick coating, stains, or rusting like in iron are something you can easily forget when buying steel handi.

Steel is a Strong Material

Steel handi pakistan

The steel use for cookware is multi-ply in construction which makes them a high-quality product and gives hardness to the overall structure of cookware. Steel kitchen utensils last for many years of routine use. The multi-ply handi has very good cooking performance as it absorbs heat and distributes it evenly for better cooking of food.

Antique Blue Pottery Handi

Antique blue pottery crockery is a must-have item. This handi is made with various materials including ceramic and traditional clay. The clay blue pottery handi shows the magical handwork of blue and white designs of cultural significance. Each piece created in blue pottery is the masterpiece and undergoes various procedures until the final product. The tones used to paint these blue pottery mitti ki handi include contrast colours, intricate designs, and patterns that represent the true essence of rich Multani culture.

Blue Pottery Handi paksitan

Blue pottery handi prices vary according to size and capacity. Blue pottery mitti ki handi prices differ with its size, designs, texture, and colours combination.

How about adding an antique collection to your crockery shelf?

Artisan Galleria is proud of its heritage and promotes the cultural products among which blue pottery is at top. Artisan Galleria has a beautiful collection of mitti ki handi for sale and you check which one goes with your serving of dishes in traditional style. Blue pottery handi is a unique addition on the dining table and this serving handi represents the Mughal era and makes the experience more enjoyable.

How to Use Handi for Cooking?

Handi pots for cooking can be glazed and without glazed especially the clay handi. The unglazed handi needs to be prepared first before you can start cooking in it. To prepare the mitti ki handi for the first time it should be cleaned by soaking onto a bucket of water for at least an hour then remove the handi from the water and keeping it to dry.

Take the unglazed handi and rub oil on all its parts with any vegetable oil. The unglazed handi is mostly used for stovetop cooking of food. Before cooking add water in the handi and close the lid meanwhile you can assemble your food to cook. The water is added because clay is porous and to saturate the handi stay time is given before cooking. The water when saturated it slowly releases the steam and moisture is generated when heated which slowly cooks the food. In this way, food does not dry out and retains its juices along with retaining the food nutrients.

Where to Find Handi in Pakistan Online?

Artisan Galleria has done various research to provide its customers with originally made and authentic products, we have a huge collection of handi available at our website which you can check and order at your convenience.
Punjabi cuisine is very popular in Pakistan which has a distinct taste due to the use of handi. There is a tradition of using handi in various parts of Pakistan. Handi is not only for cooking but also serve as a purpose of serving guests your delicious handi cooked dishes. With the increase in online shopping, cookware is also available easily on online platforms. You can impress your guest with your collection of blue pottery handi as they are so eye-catching and attractive. There are various authentic online platforms that sell the blue pottery handi like OLX and Daraz. These websites are also authentic in Pakistan for buying good quality cookware.

Artisan Galleria is the best online website that provides mitti ki handi for cooking online with a variety of designs and sizes. Not only this but we have a huge collection of non-stick, aluminum, and stainless steel handi. We aim at promoting the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and this is the reason blue pottery is very famous in Pakistan. Blue pottery tableware is very beautiful and makes the serving more beautiful. The blue pottery handi is one of the most favorites among our customers. We provide various designs, sizes, and patterns of blue pottery handi which is used for decoration as well as for food serving. We always take care that our products do not impose health risks and promote healthy cooking along with keeping the cultural values and traditions alive.