Cookies are the favorite snack of almost everyone irrespective of where they live and which culture they belong to. And this is also true that we all like our cookies to be crisp, fresh-tasting, and crunchy. No one likes it when their cookies turn stale and soggy. Is there any way to keep them crumbly for a long period?

Is there any remedy for the loss of aroma and taste of cookies?

Yes, there is!
We have good news for all the cookie lovers. Airtight cookie jars are the perfect ones for storing these confections.

Want to keep them extra fresh?
Be extra careful and first enclose the cookies in a ziplock, add a piece of bread, and then put into a cookie canister.

Cookie Jar Types

Cookie jars are a universal commodity that has resisted evolution and localization. East or west, these are used in their standard form. However, the popularity that the cookie jars enjoy in the west is enormous as compared to countries like Pakistan. In America alone, there are huge companies that deal solely with cookie jars. Jars made of ceramic, acrylic glass or plastic are a household item everywhere. These are also considered a collectible item and are often exchanged as a valuable gift. Available in various colors of vintage patterns in glazed polish, traditional cobalt blue floral designs with gold drawings and animal figures, these novel shapes and sizes surely add a lively touch to any dining area.

The extent of their popularity can be understood from the fact that most international home store chains like Wall Mart, Target, and Costco have special sections dedicated to cookie jars only.

Glass Cookie Jar

Many types of cookie jars are available in Pakistan. Depending upon the material Ceramic jars with airtight lids and glass jars with a detachable lid can be bought from most shops in Pakistan.

Ceramic Cookie Jars

Ceramic is the most popular material when it comes to cookie jars. The reason for their widespread use can be attributed to their earthen and natural properties. To make the cookie jars a mixture of special clay, special mud elements and water are mixed, shaped, and then baked at high temperatures in a furnace. This process gives the brittleness and strength to ceramic products.

Ceramic Cookie Jars

If you are the sort of a person who doesn't compromise on quality and is ready to shell a little extra then ceramic cookie jar is your choice. They say you either buy a quality product once or buy cheap products every day, the cost comes to the same. The ceramic cookie jar always comes with the Best Price. If you are looking for a long-time investment with a quality Cookie Jars then don't look beyond a ceramic cookie jar.

The best thing about ceramic material is that these can be moulded into any shape and size. This makes it the single most used material for cookie jars. Easily available in shapes of animal figures, fruits, and artistic silhouettes, ceramic will never fail to add the wow factor into your collection of crockery.

Moreover, there is great variety in the hand-painted and printed designs. The designs are either etched into the jars during the process of shaping and moulding or painted after the jar has taken its shape. The final product is finely glazed using silica, flux, and alumina which makes the design look glossy and opaque. It also helps to snugly set the design in. Thus giving the cookie jar its fine finish and durable nature.

Plastic/Acrylic Cookie Jars

Plastic and Acrylic products have become hugely popular over the last few years due to their durable nature and lightweight. Another advantage of their usage is that these can bear hot and cold temperatures much better than glass and ceramics.

In acrylic and plastic cookie jars the designs are usually carved during manufacture but they may also vary on a wide range. The offered range has been widely appreciated for its perfect design and the major option of customization. Having an elegant and versatile design, these apothecary jars are ideal for organizing both your bathroom and your kitchen effortlessly. From cookies, coffee, and spices to bathroom essentials such as cotton balls and swabs, everything can be stored and displayed in these elegant acrylics and plastic jars.

Plastic/Acrylic Cookie Jars

Such cookie jars that can be used as flour and lentil dispensers also. Other than storing cookies or food, these jars can be put to multiple uses which increases their demand altogether. These can be used to store pet food especially if you are trying to train your pets to follow your instructions. Treats kept in these jars can be an incentive in this case.

If you have small children in your house then you must take special care to wipe the coins away from their reach. In such regard, cookie jars can act as a safe spot for the change. An added advantage! You can teach your child to save from an early age.

Blue Pottery Cookie Jar

it can add elegance and décor to your serving table. Elegant, classy, and highly practical, these cookie jars have easy to handle lids that can guarantee to keep your mouthfuls optimally fresh. The brushed metal lids are useful in the sense that they do not let the air enter the enclosed jar and keep the items from becoming soggy. The monsoon/rainy season can be hazardous for stored items. The excess moisture and abundance of small ants (that can creep inside any hole) are a big nuisance.

Blue Pottery Cookie Jar

Pottery making involves strenuous handiwork, therefore its production on a large scale is both economically and humanly non-feasible. Since cobalt blue is the only color that can sustain the high temperatures to which the pottery is exposed to at various stages of its making, therefore it is the, most dominant color in pottery. Blue Rose polish pottery and blue blossom painted casseroles are amongst the most sought after products. Birds and animals theme is also dominant in the cookie jars found in Pakistan.

Steel Cookie Jars

These have a very selective audience with specific tastes. It satisfies customer expectations and it adds value for money but more importantly, it adds a style to the user which can be your fashion statement. Steel cookie jars are the must-buy for those who need a little of both quality and price efficiency. Not only are they known for their strength but the airtight lids keep the cookies fresh and crisp. The designs and motifs are digitally printed on the stainless steel cookie jars. Truck art cookie jars, floral, celebrity portraits are some of the popular trends in this domain.

Steel Cookie Jars

Where to Buy Cookie Jars in Pakistan

Where on one side Online shopping is a blessing? On the other hand, many scam websites are operating on the internet. Such sites can be a big nuisance when it comes to online shopping and can often leave a bad taste in the mouth (literally).
Nowadays Amazon, eBay, and Ali Baba have started their express delivery to Pakistan. This means that you can choose any design from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your doorstep.

When it comes to shopping for the perfect cookie jars and where to find them in Pakistan, we have compiled a few reliable sources to buy quality products at the best possible price.


From high-quality electronic devices to kitchen accessories, everything can be bought under one roof on A versatile range of plastic and acrylic cookie jars are available on this platform.
The products of Al Quraysh-a renowned crockery and kitchenware brand is available on Daraz. They have various types of cookie jars in ceramic and steel to offer their buyers.


The site has gained unmatched popularity within less than a decade Olx provides you the freedom to buy from different packages. A set of three ceramic cookie jars is available within a range of 2 thousand which is very reasonable. 

One exquisite cookie jar that caught my eye is this one shown below. This rainbow-colored eye candy is available on Who can resist this colorful pair of cookie jars that can easily catch the attention of everyone? Looking at the jars it looks like an edible fondant confectionery. Even if it is not utilized to store cookies, it will add much color to any shelf or corners.

These jars are available in different color schemes and designs. To add a cherry on the top this pair is available for only 1200 Rupees and offers free delivery within Pakistan.

Artisan Galleria

Artisan Galleria is a collaborative venture of an art connoisseur. The main aim of this collaboration is to revive the dying art of pottery making. Planters, cover bowls, tea sets and cookie jars-you name it and artisan galleria has it on their site.

Artisan galleria has put in great effort to make the pottery artifacts easily available to buyers all over the world. The demand for their cookie jars Pakistan has soared since the launch of this site. As soon the items are stocked on the website, they sell like hotcakes. This is the reason that most of the deliverables go out of stock immediately within hours.

The best thing about these blue pottery jars is that these are very economically priced. Within the range of 1500, you can find a fancy handmade jar. This price is very nominal considering the amount of hard work that goes into each piece. The jars need to be transported to various warehouses throughout Pakistan for express delivery to all corners of the country. Available in multiple sizes so you can choose one of your requirements.


Another site dealing in an attractive variety of cookie jars Pakistan is A whole variety of household items and miscellaneous accessories can also be bought from his site. Few of the designs of cookie jars available on their site are galvanized steel cookie jar. Made with extra strength and rust-resistant steel these come with a matching lid.

A very unique type of cookie jar available on this site is the dolomite series. Dolomite is a novel material used in the making of kitchenware. Naturally found in white color, it is brittle and needs to be carefully handled to avoid cracks and breaks. It is a food-safe material so you can use it without a worry.

We have provided you a well-researched and comprehensive guide to where to buy cookie jars Pakistan. These are the most reliable sites which will deliver you the products that will be shown on their site. So start searching and order your favorite crockery now.