Cover bowls have been in use for a long time. The reason for their popularity is attributed primarily to their utility. They keep food warm during winter and summer season and are also hygienically feasible.

These have mostly resisted evolution and have been able to keep their originality intact. Although many experiments have been done with the shape and size of these cover bowls but their basic form has remained intact.

Let discuss the first type of Blue pottery Cover Bowls

Blue Pottery Cover Bowls

These are made from a carefully prepared mixture of quartz stone powder, powdered glass, and Multani Mitti. From the hallmark blue pottery in white and blue colors to the innovative designs, you will find something to suit the liking of everyone. The deep color of cobalt blue that is the actual distinct feature of this art is recurring color in all the designs. 

Blue Pottery Cover Bowls

An interesting fact related to the use of this particular blue color is that it is the only color that can stand the high temperature to which the ceramic pieces are subjected. Thus the reason for its use.

The glazed finish of these pieces and floral scrolls have given them a timeless place in history.

The addition of various shades of blue, rose red, green, yellow, and rose-red add only to the appeal of this craft. The interchange of small and medium-sized flower petals is an important aspect of the desirability of the designs. Lotus, pansy jasmines, and zinnia are delicately drawn back and forth, giving a sophisticated illustration of these pieces.

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Antique Cover Bowls

The things that stand the test of time and retain the original shape size etc become antique pieces. These are collectible relics of art which are primarily purchased due to their historic significance. But the latest imitative techniques have made it possible to make such antique cover bowls budget-friendly so that everyone can satisfy their arty buds.

The antique sets are available in wooden as well as a ceramic material. The wooden Hand Made and handcrafted Carved Antique cover bowls are an artifact worth collecting. Only those who truly appreciate the hard work put into carving and etching of each piece can understand the worth of these.

Such wooden cover bowls are carved using a chip carving technique which is a miniature approach to wood designing. It is done with the help of a small chisel to carve intricate patterns. Special Sheesham wood sourced from the lands of Punjab is used in the process of making the exquisite artefacts. This wood is known for its strength and durability. Plus the lustrous shine of this wood gives a lasting glow to all the products.

Another technique popularly used to carve wooden cover bowls is that of relief carving. The design is carved on the surface of the wood, unlike a relief carving where the whole sculpted structure stands on its own. A multitude of designs is made on these wooden cover bowls inspired by nature. Flower bowl cover patterns, sycamore trees, and geometric designs are the most commonly used designs.

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Microwave Cover bowls

Let’s admit it. 

Microwave ovens are a part of every kitchen nowadays. Previously used only to heat the food before serving, these are now used to cook bake and roast food items. Owing to the rapid rise in the use of microwaves in the kitchen, a new range of utensils have been introduced in the market.

Cover bowls microwave friendly products are now a household item in every house. They are used to keep food from splashing inside the microwave. For this purpose premium quality plastic or silicon material is used. This helps to keep the microwave clean as well as the food bowl spotless. This greatly helps reduce the untidiness your food makes when you heat it in the microwave.

These cover bowl microwaves are also useful to keep the microwave hygienic.

The number of toxins released as a result of heating inside the microwave can be damaging if mixed with the food. The plus side of these cover bowl microwave is that these are made from heat resistant material specially created for use in the microwave. So these have been created after a great deal of research to minimize the harmful effects.

Another very convenient type of cover bowl microwave available in the market is a collapsible microwave plate. Available in multiple colors these have steam escape holes to avoid steam build up and cause damage. The Collapsible Microwave cover bowl is BPA free and takes up a small place on your shelf. The cherry on the top is that these can be used to sarin water from fruits and vegetables after washing.

An innovative microwave cover bowl gaining massive popularity is the cover bowl stretch for containers. Made with A-grade silicon which is safe for use in the microwave. It is easy to extend and stretch. Not only is it lightweight but also impressively durable. The stretchable nature of silicon enables one cover bowl stretch to fit a number of containers. Another benefit of using these stretchable lids is that these create a vacuum inside the container and make it airtight. So you can be assured that your food will remain fresh for a longer period of time and retain its taste.

Cover Tea Bowl

They also popularly known as Gaiwan. It is a traditional cup that has a lid but is without the handle. Tea cover bowls have been in use since the 14th century. Mostly used to infuse the tea leaves and extract the essence. When the tea or coffee beans remain soaked in the hot water, they release all their aroma and taste into the water. The resulting beverage is a supreme tasting drink. Nowadays these are commonly used everywhere in houses and restaurants as a symbol of love for tea and coffee.

Cover bowl tea has been a symbol of finery and high-class gentry for a long time. Fine china kettles with lids with decorative borders are considered worthwhile items in any gathering and hi-tea event.

Let us discuss some popular types of the cover bowl.

A large variety of tea cover tea bowls is available online in different designs. Since the origin of this Gaiwan is in China, dragon prints and bowl cover patterns are commonly available. Porcelain tea covers in tureen shape can be sourced from This site has Chinese antique blue and white tea bowl, cover with lid and saucer plate. Fine collectible items in a great diversity of design can be purchased from here. The site offers cash on delivery service all over Pakistan.

This is the most beautiful thing you will see today. Exquisitely painted in vibrant and pastel colors. Royal blue, mustard yellow, gold, and sebum red. Outlined in the regal golden lead. The rims are also gold tainted to give a majestic matt finish to the entire cover bowl tea. The intricate interplay between small and large flowers s enough to turn this tea cover bowl into a collectible decorative item. This piece will enliven any corner that it occupies.

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This overview of various sites is provided to facilitate your online shopping experience. It will also help you in understanding different varieties available in the market. Their price in the online market in Pakistan is nothing as compared to their true value in an artistic sense.