During the fastest growing range of products to upgrade the interior of your place, are you still looking for traditional baskets? If yes, then you need not worry anymore.

Cane baskets in Lahore are widely known to enhance the vintage and aesthetic aspect of a place. This article is going to bring forth multiple types of cane baskets to suit your need.

When we talk about cane baskets, their versatility in usage is an unavoidable factor. Ever since the beginning, cane baskets have emerged as an irrefutable choice for many day to day activities.

Transitioning from a storage basket for harvested food and clothing to a planter for gardening and transporting goods, a cane basket does it all!

Do you wonder what still makes them stand out? Cane grass being the core material for such baskets, enhance their strength and flexibility to such a great extent hence, making them a never-ending choice for many.

Cane Baskets: Then Vs Now

Dating back to the 18th century, the first-ever cane basket was made in North Carolina by using rivercane. The long swamps of cane were reduced to narrow stripes, which were then dyed into different colors, resulting in the beautiful figurative design of a basket, both inside and out.

It was made with a single weaving pattern over it. To your surprise, artisans of that time described it as remarkably strong and neat with the unbelievable capability to hold water.

I can relate to your feeling of amazement, Can this even be true? Surprisingly it is!

With a continuous evolution, cane baskets kept on acquiring new shapes and structures. Ranging from a bag-shaped structure to a lid based basket, from single to double weaving pattern. They have remained a long term tradition.

Cane Baskets

Today, a large measure of demand for cane basketry is flourishing the markets. This present demand for such basketry rests on increased sustainability, modified designs, and public appreciation for tradition.

Cane Baskets: Quality And Material

Are you sick and tired of using environmentally destructive stuff? GOOD NEWS! Despite the world being modernly equipped, cane baskets are replacing destructive goods once again.

Yes, you have heard it right! While looking for a basket, quality, and material are the two factors that concern us the most.
But let me be honest with you. The type, usage, quality, and material of a basket depend entirely on the intended purpose. To put it in another way:

  • A broad and fine strip of cane is used to build cane baskets with handle for a more firm and stronger grip.
  • Relatively, narrowed down pieces of cane are stitched together to make a more functional and stronger base for storing purposes.

Type Of Cane Baskets

Which is the best cane basket? What type would suit your need the best? I know these are the questions you secretly dread.

Considering the demands of today's world, there is a diverse range of shapes and types that flourish in the market. Each type is specialized for its intended purpose hence, a right selection is needed to be made. Wouldn't it be great if I tell you that modern types still hold the same zest and strongest quality?

Multiple companies supporting the trend of cane basketry, keep in the notice the demand for delicacy, hence make specialized designs for traditional and detailed basketry.

Storage Basket

Cane storage basket, sounds familiar, right? Despite the reduction in practical usage of cane baskets for storage purposes, these baskets are still in demand.

Storage Basket

If you are conscious of environmental considerations, these baskets are best to carry along when you visit the fruit market. They also come with designs that do not involve gaps in their production hence, work best for secure storage.

But wait- this not all! The material used for the production of such baskets is relatively tough and comes with a broad rim for greater strength and holding capacity.

Flower Basket

This is exciting, isn’t it? As intended by the name, these baskets are designed with such grace and beauty to enhance the outlook of your entire décor.

Flower Basket

Considering the purpose of flower cane baskets, these come in a variety of shapes and styles to match your designed theme and idea.

Common shapes include:

  • Ship style
  • Duck style
  • Pot style
  • Vase style
  • Dish style

Each style holds its own delicacy and uniqueness in designs. A few baskets come with a handle for additional ease. These baskets come with a diverse range of weaving patterns and use a non-dyed material to match your interest.

Do you want to know how to match a certain type with a theme of yours? Each style of flower basket suits different usage. Pot style of flower basket is best for outdoor hangings. More delicate designs are best suitable for their usage in lounge and executive places.

Gift Basket

Do you have a friend’s birthday coming over and not sure of what to surprise her with?

Cane gift baskets come with multiple sizes and shapes to fit the right amount of goods and happiness for your loved ones. To your surprise, these baskets come with a paddy surface for a strong and firm hold of goods.

Gift Basket

The details do not end here. These baskets come with an even more fine and delicate style of weaving to match your idea of a perfect fit for your loved ones.

Many portals provide services for customized cane baskets online, to help your plans turn into a reality.

Laundry Basket

Are you tired of trying for a tidy appearance of the laundry area? Cane laundry baskets come with two styles to match your idea of the desired laundry basket.

Laundry Basket

One comes as a rectangular shape and the other comes as a vertical cylindrical shape basket with a perfectly enclosed appearance.

Where To Buy

These baskets are easily available on many online portals that deliver all over Pakistan. Daraaz.pk and send flowers.pk deal with cane baskets online and are among the trusted ones.