If you are looking for a trendier way of covering and decorating the walls, then PVC panels could be an ideal choice for you.

Paints are boring and wallpapers have a shorter life span. So now we have a better solution for covering walls, that is PVC panels. These panels are made up of plastic and are perfect for installing in your houses and commercial places.

PVC panels are waterproof, which makes it a perfect solution for places with seepage. It resists the mildew and makes your place presentable. They are durable and need little maintenance, which makes it suitable for installing in crowded commercial places and homes with kids. PVC panels are also heat resistant and are ideal for places with hot and humid temperatures like Pakistan.

PVC Panel Designs

PVC panels come in various designs like printed panels, embossed panels, and textured and grooved panels. You can choose the design of the PVC panel according to the size and utilization of the space.

PVC Panel Designs For Bedroom

Bedrooms are the coziest and most comfortable place of the house. Clean and soothing bedrooms foster peaceful sleep.

To make your bedroom stand out, you can use textured PVC panels. There are different kinds of textures available in PVC panels. If you want to add a classic touch, go for wooden textured panels. For a modern and stylish look, opt for trendier panels like this.

PVC Panel Designs For Bedroom

If your bedroom is boring with simple furniture, then you can use bright colored and floral PVC panel designs for bedrooms to make it interesting and lively.

Emboss panels are also great for bedrooms, especially you can opt for space ships or animals embossed PVC panels for kids' bedrooms.

To further enhance your bedroom look, you can add PVC panels for roofs and floor. But don’t go for textured floor and ceiling panels as it might destroy the look of your bedroom. Plain floor panels are ideal for bedrooms.

PVC Panel Design For Wall

PVC panels are available for walls, floors, and ceilings. The panel designs for walls differ from that of floor and ceilings.

Printed and embossed panels are usually preferred for walls. They add texture to the wall and change the complete look of the space. If you have a larger space, like the dining hall of a restaurant, then you can go with darker shades of panels. It will make the place cozy and welcoming. But if you are installing panels in a small closed space, opt for lighter color PVC panels. It will make the place look brighter and bigger.

Textured PVC panels for walls are great for highlighting a single wall. They add an element of design to space and give a classic look to the place. You can also combine your PVC panels with wooden panels to create stunning interiors and attractive exterior walls.

PVC Panel Design For Living Room

Living rooms are the most used place in the house. Usually, people spend a good chunk of their time at home in their living rooms. It is also the center of family gatherings, so this place must be creatively designed.

PVC panels are great for decorating living rooms. You can use special textured panels to enhance the main wall of your living room, or just add a boundary to your fireplace or LED with these PVC panels. Cover the rest of the walls with a single toned PVC panel design for living rooms or just paint them.

PVC Panel Design For Living Room

Textured PVC panel designs for roofs are ideal for large living rooms. They add to the beauty of the room. To complete the look of your living room, add floor PVC panels. Either opt for wooden floor panels or go for single toned panels, matching with the interior of your room.

PVC Panel Design For Shop

Gone are the days when shops were simple without any decor. Now shop owners hire interior designers to design their shops. Especially the branded outlets are now designed by a team of interior designers and architects.

Beautiful and well-maintained shops attract customers. They are appealing for eyes and looks welcoming. But the interior of the shop differs from that of the house. Some companies even have separate PVC panel designs for shops.

PVC Panel Design For Shop

The choice of PVC panel for your shop will depend upon the type and size of the shop.

PVC Panel Design For Room

PVC panels are available in different designs for rooms. If your room is small, go for single toned PVC panels. For bigger rooms, you can install dark-colored PVC panels.

Printed PVC panels are not recommended for small rooms and rooms with heavy furniture, but you can opt for a simple textured PVC panel design for rooms.

Panels with vertical and horizontal lines are a great choice for small rooms.

PVC Panel Design For TV

There are special PVC panel designs available for TV. You can either cover the whole wall with the PVC panel or just add a boundary for TV with these panels.

PVC Panel Designs for TV Room

Some PVC panel designs for TV are more specific. They include panels for the TV boundary as well as for shelves around the TV. These PVC TV panels enhance the overall look of the place.

PVC Panel Design For Drawing Room

Drawing rooms are the most luxurious space in the house. It is extensively decorated for guests and special gatherings.

PVC Panel Design For Drawing Room

Select the PVC panels for your drawing room according to its theme. Golden, beige, and wooden panels are usually preferred for drawing rooms. It gives an elite touch to space. Some designers have also launched their premium range of PVC panel design for drawing rooms.

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