If you think that historical traditions do not last forever and can be replaced by a more revised version of them, then you might be missing out on something.

Sindhi culture has always stood as a perfect combination of art and creativity. This ancient civilization is widely known for attracting local and foreign communities towards their fascinating crafts.

A perfect blend of mirror work and embroidery has always remained an unavoidable feature.

Each Sindhi bag appears distinctive due to its unique representation, appealing nature, and delicate work of embroidery.

The catchy nature of these bags is not only limited to a specific target market, people from all over the world find this pleasing form of art, exceptionally graceful.

Background Of Sindhi Bags:

I can sense your concern for their evolution!

Long ago, Sindhi bags were considered to be a luxury. Initially, these embroidered bags were given to women at their wedding but with increased importance, Sindhi bags rose high in demand and began to be recognized by people all around the globe.

Despite the great difference in time, Sindhi bags are still domineering due to their higher sustainability and the public's enthusiasm for traditional crafts.


Sindhi Bags Styles

The whole idea of their unique style was designed such that, these bags could be able to represent native Sindhi culture. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

A unique pattern of embroidery and embellishment has remained a winning catch for Sindhi bags. The end product comes as a result of impressive stitching style, needlework, and delicate designs.

Sindhi bags have always involved ajrak and plain cloth as raw material, for a more radiant outlook. Other essentials included antique coins, beads, and ribbon for additional embellishment.


You might have seen an ongoing trend for embroidery hoops going one, but do you even know where this trend came from?

The answer to it demands to move a little bit back in time. The idea arose when Sindhi women used hooked needles for the handmade production of Sindhi bags.

Sindhi Bags how its made

The cloth had to be fixed in a bamboo hoop. The specific pattern of embroidery was then shifted from the mind to the cloth for an enchanting end product to exist.

Stitch Pattern:

Variety is a core secret behind a diverse range of products. Hence, Sindhi bags involved a multiplied range of stitching styles to must include a unique aspect in a bag.

Chain stitch, interlacing stitch, buttonhole, darning stitch, and herringbone are among traditional stitching styles to employ creative patterns.
Despite being limited to resources, the variety was made a possibility to make Sindhi bags even more expressive.

Distinctive Motifs:

I know what you are thinking. Mere imagination of such an extensive amount of work that was carried out with such limited access to resources surely leaves all of us in surprise but! The astonishing facts don't end here.

Dating back in history, the network of patterns and motifs over these bags were more inclined to portray Persian and Mughal art. The pattern included animal depictions in form of embroidery where the inclusion of signature mirror work was also kept mandatory.

Types Of Sindhi Bags

A good deal of time-lapse, have evolved Sindhi bags in their production and increased the availability of Sindhi bags online.

Are you in search of a bag to go perfectly with your traditional attire? A Sindhi bag has got you all covered.

Great technical advancements have led to machine-based embroidery, resulting in the finest patterns of embroidery than ever!

Round Sindhi Bag

This Sindhi bag comes with a complete circular shape with an additional ring-shaped space for hands to hold it.

Round Sindhi Bag

Dotting down of its specification includes a specific type of embroidery known as "Paako". This pattern of embroidery highlights floral depictions. The floral patterns are guarded by thick black margins for adding an embossed effect to the design.

Clutch And Purses

Both these types of bag have over them traditional Sindhi art patterns. These bags are made with the "Khaarek" style of embroidery.

Clutch And Purses Sindi Style

Want to what it's all about? This style involves the transfer of art, only to the front side while embedding small pieces of the mirror along, hence making perfect products for formal events.

Shoulder Bags

Who doesn't like shoulder bags! Being a convenient type to carry around anywhere you go, these bags are made with "Jat" and "Rabari" designs of embroidery over it.

While rabari design gives the resemblance of embroidery to the structure of a chain, Jat style involves delicate incorporation of geometrical shapes and mirrors to enhance aesthetic to the full.

Where To Buy Online:

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