Jugs and glasses are an essential item of any table whether it is dinner hosting or ladies kitty party. These jugs can be used not only for water but also for other beverages as well. There is no limit in their use as not only they are used for the residential setting but also at commercial setup as well.

Glasses and jugs are part of our life in everyday use, especially for drinking water. With inspiring drinkware sets there are a variety of decorative jugs and glasses from simple to elegant looking and from everyday use to occasional use. The debossed and embossed patterns on jugs and glasses make jugs perfect for a formal dinner night.

Different Brands of Jugs and Glasses Set in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are a variety of brands for jugs and glasses which are popular among people because of many reasons like durability, looks, price, and capacity. Some of the brands are

  • Lion star water set
  • Shinemax jug glass set
  • Aqua water set
  • Nova water set
  • Apollo plastic jugs and glasses
  • Toyo nasic glassware
  • LAV water set
  • Royal water set

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Plastic Jug and Glass Set

Plastic Jug and Glass Set

The plastic jug and glasses set are made from toxin-free and BPA free food-grade material with stylish and sleek designs. Jugs and glasses come with a variety of shapes and designs along with various patterns and textures.

The price of plastic jugs and glass sets are affordable and they are used mostly in house settings because of durability and unbreakable quality. Plastic water sets life as more than glass material because of its super durability and less maintenance. The plastic jugs and glasses are made from three types of material


This material also makes clear transparent glass-like unbreakable and dishwasher safe drinkware sets which can be used both in household and commercial settings. They are more durable in providing scratch less material


These are specifically developed as BPA free plastic and made a good unbreakable water sets that include water sets similar in looks as glass, colorful plastic makes good water sets, wine glasses, and many others.


This is a low-cost material to make glasses and jugs. They are more good for casual use. It can make semi-opaque and solid color drink wares

Vintage Glass Jugs

Vintage Glass Jugs

Decorating home with vintage glass water jugs is a perfect way to enhance the home looks. To buy water glass sets online you can easily make your preferred and best choice. The vintage style jugs and glass water set to increase the appeal along with making the living room a more lively place for the guest

Vintage drinkware glamorous and classy items when placed on the table add charms to the dining experience.

You must visit the vintage collection of water glass sets online on the Artisan galleria website. Vintage water sets are amazing to see and feel especially on beautiful candlelight dinners or on special occasions. Vintage water sets collection can be made from various materials like glass water sets, ceramic sets, terracotta water sets, metal water sets, copper sets, and many others. So if you are looking for glamping and vamping your dining area and crockery cabinet then check out Artisan Galleria for the beautiful and original collection of glasses and jugs.

Antique Glass Jugs

Antique Glass Jugs

Antique glass jugs are elegant looking items for the people who love to collect antique items. They are fantastic decorative items along with usage making the dining and living room a graceful experience even just using the antique glassware for decorative purposes provide royal looks to the home and shine the place where they are kept.

Are you Looking for Antique Drinkware?

Taking you back to the times of Victorian-era or an Arabian night’s story theme antique jugs are a unique way to style your home. Another great addition to your antique collection is blue pottery jugs and glasses. This Persian theme pottery design of blue and white is also a prominent feature of our saint city Multan in Pakistan. Blue pottery glasses and jugs look as beautiful and elegant as decorative items giving a cultural look along with beauty. The blue and white patterns are what make them unique and attractive to buy.

We would help you in finding antique water sets.

Artisan galleria provides an authentic collection of antique glasses for sale which is the new trend. Artisans Galleria is the platform where you can find the cultural products because we are the promoters of our Pakistani culture and want every customer to benefit from us. Artisans Galleria provides all that you need. We are the ones who believe in the authenticity and originality of the product and thus aim at providing customers with the best quality products always.

Steel Glasses And Jug Sets

Steel Glasses And Jug Sets

Fancy jugs come with a price and if you are looking for some economical options then steel water sets are the one you should go for it. Steel glasses may not look glamorous but they offer a wide range of benefits. The glass and plastic water sets cannot match the sustainability and durability of steel drinkware. Steel products are nearly indestructible and go life-long. It has a high strength to weight ratio in comparison to other materials.

Nowadays steel water glass jug online is available with various latest trendy designs than the old-looking designs of steel. Steel glasses are even replicated to make the shape of wine glasses. There is also beautiful carving on them giving some formal look.

Do You Like Shiny Material for Jugs and Glasses?

Steel drinkware is mirror polished giving a shiny look which is an amazing feature and like by many. The steel water glass price in Pakistan is very economical and they can be easily bought from the Artisan Galleria website as per your choice of design and style. These steel water sets consist of one jug and six glasses set with a range of prices from 800 to 3000 PKR.

Nova Glass And Jug Sets

Nova Glass And Jug Sets

Nova is a world-class leading glassware company and is very popular for its glass products in Pakistan. They use one of the best blends of technology and product making. This is the reason their products of glass drinkware are durable and beautiful. Glass jugs and glasses are an all-time favourite. Nova provides a variety of glass sets that have various shapes, designs, and capacities. The glass from Nova is a symbol of elegance hallmark. Their drinkware is free from harmful lead and shines even after multiple washes.

Nova clean design makes them the most demanded and hot selling item.

One of the favorite designs of glasses from Nova is alpine which is a classic semi-square shape transparent glass and it comes in various capacities so you can choose from them for different beverages. Nova jugs are also a popular item in Pakistan. The jugs come both with and without lids. The jugs also come with a variety of shapes and sizes along with glasses and tumblers. The usual product glass sets of 6 which range in price from simple to fancy glass sets. The nova glass price in Pakistan ranges from 600 to 2000 PKR per set.

Luminarc Water Sets

Luminarc Water Sets

Luminarc is another popular brand in Pakistan for drinkware including a wide range of glasses and jugs. The thing that makes them unique is their beautiful minimal patterns on the water sets which look trendy and stylish. This is the reason luminarc offers trendy, stylish, and elegant products at affordable rates. These cool water set prices in Pakistan from low to high depending upon material and design. These beautiful jug and glass sets brighten up the daily dining with beautiful designs and colors.

Luminarc also provides its collection of glassware which is not only trendy but also ultra-resistant tableware. The luminarc water set price in Pakistan ranges from 1000 to 4000 PKR depending upon sets and designs.

You can find beautiful and latest collections from luminarc on the Artisans galleria website at unbelievable rates. You can find and compare our prices with other online platforms selling these jugs and glasses set. You can find and search prices on OLX and daraz per set for the specific jug and glass sets, only jug, and only glass sets of 6 pieces. If you want to buy online then you can check jugs and glasses on OLX, Daraz, and on the Artisans galleria website.