What’s More Than a Sweet, Royal Luxury Homemade Dessert?

Everyone enjoys a bowl of yummilious dessert after a meal or on happy occasions to make sweet memories and in all this, a good presentation makes the food better. Having a beautiful dessert bowl to enjoy the memories is also an essential part of crockery collection. Special bowls for desserts are the thing that makes dessert a unique and separate experience to cherish. Sweet things require sweet utensils to make them sweeter. That's why investing in dessert bowls is a good choice as it makes an impression on guests as to how important after-meal sweets are.

Artisan galleria helps you in finding the right dessert bowl for serving the wonderful desserts whether you are looking for formal bowls or casual or some beautiful designs or transparent dishes. Dessert bowls at every occasion make a standout.

So, Why not have a cupboard full of different kinds and styles of dessert bowl sets?

We cover all your needs so that you can enjoy your bowl of dessert with family and friends.

Dessert Bowl Sets

Dessert Bowl Sets Pakistan

The favourite part of the meal for everyone is the dessert part. Custards, soufflé, puddings, ice-cream, and the list of mouth-watering desserts are never-ending. These desserts are complemented by beautiful desserts bowls. An artistic and unique dessert bowl can make dinner night or any occasion beautiful by inculcating the warmth and style to the table. When buying dessert bowl sets online a few things you need to see as which dishes or bowls are right for you to like

Colour Combinations

If you are to serve the dessert with a meal then choose the colour as that of dining sets to match the pattern of serving dishes. This looks beautiful as the dining table is synchronized in matching crockery.


Washing and cleaning of bowls are also very important when you think of buying dessert bowl sets as either they are dishwasher safe or not.


Size of dessert bowls is also a very essential feature to be considered. A meaningful size is important for a perfect serving. A very large bowl has wasted space and a very small size cause spill from the bowl. Choosing a size depends on your usage as per need.

Different Designs and types of dessert bowl sets

Ceramic dessert Bowl sets

Ceramic Dessert Bowl sets Pakistan

There are multiple purposes for which ceramic bowls are used. Ceramic dessert bowls are available in different designs, textures, and colours. In Pakistan, you can have locally-made ceramic bowls and also imported one from Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. The beautiful themes of ceramic dessert bowls are unique and best to buy dessert bowl ceramic online. Serving the desserts in beautiful ceramic bowls sets can make eating items more appealing and tempting to taste.

Ceramic bowls add finesse to any dining table that leaves an impression on your guest. You can buy dessert bowl ceramic in the best quality from Artisan galleria and make your occasion a cherished memory to share with you or with family and friends. Some expensive and designer made ceramic bowls can be used for showcasing purposes on coffee and central tables. Apart from desserts they can be used to store water and candles on festivals.

Glass Dessert Bowl Sets

Glass Dessert Bowl Sets

Glass dessert bowls are more attractive than conventional dessert bowls. These are transparent showing the true colour and texture of desserts. Glass bowls look elegant and trendy. They are designed in a manner to grab the audience's attention. Serving a lavish dessert in the beautiful glass bowls could elevate the savor. With some colorful spoons into the transparent bowls adds a tint of funkiness. Clear glass bowl sets options are very wide and it depends totally on personal preference and choice.

Crystal Dessert Bowls

Crystal Dessert Bowls

its are made from durable and high-quality crystal glass. They are unique but at the same time look modern or traditional too. Crystal dessert bowls are easy to maintain and clean as the inner is smooth while the outer bowl is of having crystal shape. The crystal dessert bowl sets have an elite touch to the dessert served. They come in various sizes and capacities according to the use. They can be used for frozen items like ice cream, fruit salads, puddings, mousse, and many more. The walls of bowls are made thick which is good for the desserts both hot and cold.

There are various shapes of crystal glass bowl available for the desserts as from simple straight bowls to tall crystal bowl shapes and various others. Some of the crystal bowls shapes also come with a footed base for easy handling and they look more stylish and trendy when dessert is served in them. The beautiful crystal formation with various designs increases the elegance of dessert bowl sets.

Disposable Dessert Bowls

Disposable Dessert Bowls

The most eminent use of disposable dessert bowls is that they can be easily discarded after use and there is no hassle for cleaning. This is a particularly very good option for large parties. They are usually made from transparent thin plastic material which is of food grade. The disposable dessert bowls are made in various shapes with or without lids. Disposable bowls for desserts are not only just handy to use but they are cost-effective as well. Plastic disposable dessert bowls are an ideally good choice as they can be transparent or can replicate different designs on it which may look beautiful when dessert is placed in them.
There are various designs of disposable bowls use for desserts like

  • Flared plastic bowls
  • Clear plastic bowls
  • Square dish style
  • Tall and long bowl with lids
  • Clear angled dessert bowls
  • Diminutive Flasket Plastic Disposable Dessert bowl
  • Fluted shape dessert container
  • Hexagonal dessert bowl

Ice Cream Bowls

Everyone enjoys a scoop of ice cream after a meal for which required a dessert bowl. At Artisan galleria we have a variety of ice cream bowls and its accessories for you to enjoy the frozen dessert. You can buy ice cream dessert bowls online with your choice of design and size. These bowls are durable and come in a wide range of colours. Usually, ice cream can be eaten in any bowl with a spoon but when you have a special dessert bowl for ice cream with a sleek long spatula spoon than ice cream becomes more enjoyable to eat and mesmerize the taste buds. This is the reason that right utensils can make frozen cold desserts more sensational.

Ice cream is a summer dessert and making a sacrifice to space for ice cream bowls and spoons is worth the addition in the crockery cabinets. These frozen treats at the party require a proper bowl to serve and they come in various choices like glass bowls, crystal bowls, ceramic bowls and if you want to avoid cleaning then good and stylish disposable dessert bowls are the best to consider.

Decorative Ice Cream Bowls

Decorative Ice Cream Bowls

Decorative ice cream bowls are the choice for people who dedicate the bowls especially for the desserts and yes Artisan galleria provides its customers the best of specially designed bowls for the ice cream serving. Decorative ice cream bowls come in a variety of manners from simple to fancy styles. A cone shape bowl makes the serving more beautiful and even the bowls with colorful inner cups make ice cream more presentable and yummy looking.

Some bowls come in the shape of melted ice cream that looks so adorable to have in hand. Another decorative ice cream bowl is the one with a footed base; such bowls give an elegant feeling. Frozen dessert bowls come with various texture and patterns on bowls among which the famous are colored stripes design, quotation written on bowls, polka dots, rainbow color patterns, and many more.

These decorative frozen dessert bowls from some unique patterns and textures can be even used as decorative items for showcasing and display, even can be used as wall hangings. As they come in various color combinations and themes you can shop as per your need from the Artisan galleria website.

Where to Buy Dessert Bowls Online in Pakistan?

The beautiful and tempting crockery items can make home and serving dishes a very good experience to have. They not only look beautiful at crockery cabinets but also when placed in hand make the dessert more delicious and wonderful to eat. Our beautiful looking dessert bowls give an appealing aesthetic to the dessert being served at parties, festivals, or any special occasion.

Artisans Galleria provides the opportunity to buy dessert bowls sets online. We have a wide range of variety and options in bowl sets for desserts. You can filter your research into a dessert bowl on the Artisan Galleria website for specifically checking the dessert bowl set range. Artisans Galleria is the best online platform in Pakistan to buy beautiful and various colors and designs of dessert bowl sets.

You can shop for one of the beautiful collections of dessert and ice cream bowls in Pakistan from an online platform like the Artisans galleria website, Daraz, and OLX.