In a transitioned world like this, a pouch bag may not sound appealing at first but what if I tell you that they are back in trend?

To your surprise, these bags are now no more limited to the same standard size or style rather they are taking over the most popular choices in the market.

Utilized by both men and women, pouch bags have always been a convenient choice to carry small yet important things along.

Pouch Bags: Purpose And Utility

Pouch Bags

Considering its wide range of advantages, Pouch bags have made them a basic necessity for their aspect of being highly functional. These bags need to be added into the category of must-haves, especially if you are somebody that forgets essentials too often.

Pouch bags are easiest for carrying keys, cards, makeup, and loose items for easy accessibility when required.

Furthermore, these bags are exclusively designed for things, which are considered to be at a greater risk of loss.

Looking for something more than a storage bag? Pouch bags do not only serve as an easy carrying tool in everyday life, rather they offer more than just a necessity and convenience.

Hence, these pouch bags are popular for new style statement as well.

Pouch Bags- Material And Design

Long ago, pouch bags only served the purpose of being a storehouse for coins but do you know more about their evolution?

Pouch bags kept on moving along modernizations and made them adjustable with every changing trend. Handmade Pouch now stands as an unavoidable choice for their majestic quality and fascinating outlook.


I know what concerns you the most! When we look for a bag, design, and material are two aspects that matter to us the most. Let's move through a few designs and materials to have a better understanding.

You wouldn’t believe it! But the material in trend is what makes a pouch stand out. Not long ago, leather was among the only sustainable choice for a seemingly luxurious pouch. But do you know what?

It took no longer than a year, and the limitations are no more. This is how fast the fashion world moves on.

Organza, plastic, wool, denim, and jute are now among famous material for the easy production of pouch bags.


I know designs are what fascinates us the most about bags! When it comes to the design for pouch bags, the versatility in their manufacturing is defined by no end. Name as many styles and a pouch bag would have that in it as well. Think I am exaggerating? Look by yourself.

A pouch bag comes with an overlaid pattern and design which may include abstract art patterns, geometrical designs, which may end up as a perfect choice for everybody.

The variety doesn't end here, additional designs include leopard print, check style, and luminous shapes that are attached to give it a unique outlook.

How To Make A DIY Pouch Bag

DIY Pouch Bag

whatever be the reason for your interest, if you are looking for how to make a handmade pouch at home. Keep moving along this article!

  • All you need is a fabric of your choice and an additional zipper for enclosed appearance. Cut the material in a decent size, such that it divides into two equal parts, as per your demand.
  • Attach the zipper to one piece of fabric such that the zipper should face outwardly.
  • Stitch the other piece of fabric along. Now when it gets intact with a zipper, stitch all remaining sides of it.
  • Embellish the pouch as per your requirement and your pouch is ready for use.

Types Of Pouch Bags

Are you concerned to know about the differences in types, when all pouch bags do the same job? You need to have a look through common types:

Geometry Pouches

Geometry Pouches

A geometric pouch is specifically designed while considering its intended purpose. If you think of their usage to be limited for only adults, you should think again!
Students are relatively more reliant on the pouch for better management. Considering the possibility of their harsh usage, these pouches are relatively flexible and come with a guaranteed quality even after a wash.

Waist Pouches

Waist Pouches

Waist pouch may sound silly but in reality, it's not. Waist pouches are flourishing as the most eminent style statement all over the globe.

An additional catch about these pouch bags is their "easy to carry" feature which allows you not to worry, while you roam around.

Other famous types include sack pouches, makeup pouch, and many more.

Where To Buy Online

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