Handmade carpets bags have long been in the tradition. It would not be wrong if I label them as a continuous trend.

Ever since carpet bags have flourished the market, they are high in demand for their fine quality and artistic outlook.

This is what inspires people the most about these carpet bags! Even though their origin date back in history but these bags are by no way limited in their functionality and utility. Either you require a bag for overnight travel, or to serve everyday purposes, the diversity in their utility is never-ending.

When we talk about handmade carpet bags, the dynamic aspect of their style, outlook, and beauty never goes unnoticed. Manufactured by high end and top-notch carpets, these bags become an irrefutable choice when one's love for tradition knows no boundaries.

Even if you are not quite fond of ancient aesthetics, there are a lot more catchy things about these vibrant and handmade carpet bags that would surely make it hard for you to avoid them.

This article is going to be a thorough analysis of everything that you must need to know about these fine and beautifully crafted bags.

Handmade Carpet Bags: Origin And History

Handmade Carpet Bags

The idea for these fine and high-end carpet bags originated thousands of years ago, in the Victorian era. This entire concept was formulated after getting inspired by a famous literary character of that age, most famously, known as Marry Poplins.

Such an innovative use of carpets sounds so fascinating. You might be wondering about the longevity of such ancient trends but let me tell you, we all dread the same question now.

These handmade carpet bags have been able to maintain their legacy throughout the shifting trends.

The concealed secret behind their consistent trend includes high-end material of the carpet, sewing pattern, a wide range of uses, and their ability to replace competitors of each time.

Material And Uses

The ancient craft men initially used oriental type of rug for the manufacturing of carpet bags. The most positive aspect in their manufacture involves the usage of remains, which would have gone wasted otherwise.

Doesn't it sound amazing? These handmade carpet bags worked as a perfect, handy, and lightweight replacement for tough and heavy metal bags.

The modern manufacture of these carpets bags involves a dynamic range of carpets, inner lining, metal closure, additional embellishment, and a subjective choice for leather straps, both permanent and detachable.

Types Of Carpets

Carpets Bags

The list for their amazing features doesn’t end here. A brief overview of the types of carpet used for an aesthetically pleasing end product is given below:

  • Oriental rugs
  • Velvet carpet
  • Handwoven carpet
  • Waterproof taffeta carpet.
  • Vintage fabric
  • Tapestry fabric

Types Of Carpet Bags- All About Them

I know this is the part that you have been longing for hence, A GOOD NEWS. The wait is no more.

Let's move through all distinct and available types of carpet bags:

Clutch and Purse Bags

Clutch and Purse Bags

The tough selection among the variety of classical bags feels like a never-ending battle. I know the fearful feeling of making a wrong choice but this article has got you all covered.

Clutch and purse bags are a perfect choice for people who are not quite fond of larger bags that are hard to manage.

When we talk about the catch for such bags, the quality of fabric and lining is the most crucial aspect of it. The lining is essential for holding the inner structure of a bag even when it's empty while fabric decides its outlook.

If you are looking for a minimal choice for everyday purposes, then this would be a perfect fit.

Shoulder Bags

Handmade Shoulder Bags

Are you looking for a bag that serves multiple purposes? Yes, a shoulder bag does it best!

A shoulder carpet bag is an easy choice to carry, which is built with velvety cotton lining and a fine selection of carpets and for a radiant outlook. These bags come under two shapes: one with a sack-like structure and another with a cube-like structure.

Both types, come with a metal pull at the front and additional leather straps attached. This bag allows you to style it either by using classical lustrous metal for a formal gathering or by mounting it over the shoulder when on the job.

Framed Bags

Framed Bags

Who doesn’t love trendy bags? Framed handbags made with traditional style carpet and lovely colors are an iconic trend for every age.

These bags are sewed with a moldable layer beneath the carpet to keep their shape intact. A framed enclosure comes with a choice of lustrous brass or metallic frame as per the intended purpose. These bags are likely to serve as a remarkable choice for festive events.

Tote Bags

Tote Bags

Are you’re tired in your search for a standard size bag? A handmade tote bag is eminent for its storage capacity to match your idea of a perfect bag.

Either you want to carry a classically adorned bag to work or while paying a visit to the market, a tote bag never disappoints. The attached stripes of embossed leather make them adjustable and make them gracefully pull of every design.

Rucksack Bags

Rucksack Bags

Good news for all students out there! Either you are looking for a backpack for your next tour, or a stylish bag for your first day back to study. These bags would be a perfect choice.

Rucksack bags are specifically made with strong and durable quality of carpets with additional slots for accessories and specs on the inside. An additional advantage of leather stripes allows you to be hassle-free while on the go.

Where To Buy Online

Considering an ever increased demand and preference for carpet bags in a modern world like this, I was surprised to come along various trusted portals that offer such fine and vibrant bags online.

Victorian trading.co and carpet bags.co.pk deal internationally while desertcart.pk ship to Pakistan as well. Now that you know all, go grab your favorite!