There are various uses of sinks like we use it for washing hands in bathrooms or in outdoors and for dishwashing purposes in the kitchen. We call it with different names like washbowl, sinker, hand basin, basin or washbasin. Moreover, there are various types in sinks it depends on which area you are selecting it. Likewise, the sink or basin for the kitchen would be different from the sink you use in the bathroom. The basic sink for the kitchen is made of stainless steel in silver color available in different styles and shapes. As compared to other materials stainless steel is far more durable and expensive that is why it is commonly used in personal and commercial kitchens. On the other side, you have a lot more different options for your bathrooms which could be selected according to your taste, matching with walls and of course in different shapes.

Materials Of Sinks

Before moving on to the types here we are going to give you a piece of quick information about the available materials of sinks.

  • Wood sink
  • Ceramic sink
  • Marble sink
  • Porcelain sink
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Stone sink
  • Granite sink
  • Nickel sink
  • Cooper sink
  • Concrete sink

Sink Designs

Among these mentioned materials the most common material is stainless steel for kitchen usage as they are durable and do not damage with cold and hot water. After that, ceramic sinks also have qualities like stainless steel and the benefit of ceramic sink is that you could find patterns and colors in it plus they are handmade which itself a decoration piece. Additionally, if you want to give some classy look then granite sinks are for that as they stand in the high-end list.

Types And Styles Of Bathroom And Kitchen Sinks

  • Under-mount sink

Under-mount Sink

  • Wall-mounted sink

Wall-mounted Sink

  • Pedestal sink

Pedestal Sink

  • Self-rimming sink

Self-rimming Sink

  • Vessel sink

Vessel Sink

  • Console sink

Console Sink

  • Single and double sinks

Single and Double Sink

  • Farmhouse style sink

Farmhouse Style Sink

  • Bowl sink

Bowl Sink

These are the styles and types of different sinks for the bathroom and kitchen which you select according to your taste and space. Well, that was the overall review about the sinks types and materials but here we are going to discuss the most antique yet elegant type of sink is the ceramic handmade sinks. Handmade items are itself the antique pieces that show your love towards the handicrafts and your sense of selection too. Moreover, you would find common materials and shapes everywhere around you but hand-painted sink bowls not only look different but grab instant attention.

Ceramic sinks look traditional and classic and people prefer them due to the number of variety in style, colors, and shapes. You would find the number of different ceramic and handmade hand sinks for the kitchen and bathroom both with the easy installation.

Handmade And Hand-Painted Sinks

After reading the word “handmade sink” the first thing that comes to mind is, are they durable or worth buying? The handmade sink is surely durable and worth buying and you won't regret buying it for sure. They have made with the proper symmetry and it has different steps to make it solid and durable. Ceramic sinks are made with the mixture of clay, powder, water and to make them solid it undergoes from the firing process where it gets heated in a high-temperature kiln which makes it solid. Furthermore, the potters transform the clay into a unique style sink and it further transfers to artists to use their skills and colors and through the strokes of their brushes they draw a unique design each time and use vibrant colors, this is how hand-painted bathroom sink or hand-painted ceramic sink are made.

Hand-painted Sink

Well, you would find a lot of designs, variety, shapes and colors in hand made ceramic sinks as compare to other materials or types. There is a variety of spaces like oval, rectangular, square, round, drop-in or vessel style. Plus, you can also go for the color of your choice as silver, white and black are out of fashion now and to give a classic and trendy look add some vibrant colors and unique design sink into your bathroom and kitchen. Various colors are available in this type likewise you would find the combination of blue and white which is more popular, green, terracotta, turquoise, yellow and white.

Kitchens are turning into living spaces and replacing the old common style and colors of sinks with the new vibrant colors and designs. Using high-quality ceramic handmade and hand-painted sinks in the bathroom and kitchen is the emerging interior design trend that instantly grabs the attention and no one can regret praising the artistic piece. Each piece requires a lot of effort and attention as they are handmade and hand-painted and we can't deny the ancient and classic designs.

Handmade Sink

Artists transform the sink into a unique piece of art using their skills and there are the different designs you would find on sinks like Moroccan design, rustic design, traditional, classic, Mexican design and vintage design and in each design, there are a specific pattern and usage of color combination.

Types Of Handmade Sinks

There are mainly three types of handmade sinks for both kitchen and bathroom

  • Moroccan Sinks
  • Mexican Sinks
  • Artistic Sinks


Moroccan Sinks

Moroccan Sinks

Moroccan architecture and designs are one of the oldest and beautiful designs having specific royal style aches. You would find the ethnic orient patterns along with rich designs and a special selection of colors. In Moroccan design sinks, you would find a combination of yellow, blue, turquoise and white colors in specific symmetry.

Mexican Sinks

Mexican Sinks

Mexican sinks design is the combination of Spanish, Chinese, Oriental and Mexican designs. They are colorful along with systematic designs that are hard to ignore. Plus, there are a variety of shapes and patterns in it as compare to other types. You would find two styles of sinks in Mexican design one is counter-top and the other is drop-in. moreover, almost all the shapes are available in both types. Hand-painted Mexican sink is in trend these days and relatively more inspiring than others, its counter-top bowl style with the long vessel is in the hype and looks trendy and artistic at the same time. There are different shapes in Mexican style sinks like a round vessel, oval, rectangular and curved.

Artistic Sinks

Artistic Sinks

Despite the other two types artistic sinks are different as each sink shape, style and type are different and there are no two identical sinks, each type is unique and hand made. These sinks are made by the different artists and they are the blend of modern, rustic and designer interiors. They are made of sometimes wood, stone and silk and we can’t specify its pattern and style.

Where To Buy?

You would not find these unique handmade and hand-painted sinks everywhere as they are not common yet in Pakistan. Buying online from a reputed website would be the best option and for that Artisans Galleria is the best platform to buy such items in Pakistan. They deliver high-quality handmade items at your doorstep in a hassle freeway. Artisans Galleria is serving to promote handmade items from various years and they have the best artists and high-quality items.