If you think that a traditional skill of needlework is not a part of today's trend anymore or it could only make its mark back in time, well then, you need to think again!

To your surprise, it’s an art that is revitalizing folk culture once again and is now among the popular choices for embellishing purposes. The destination for such craft is by no way limited to the embellishment of clothes and handkerchiefs anymore, it has now come for its new target, which is bags!

Have you got damaged, old, and worn out bags which are just there stacking up your closet? Good news!

You can now get them renewed with beautiful patterns of embroidery for an improved appearance, which would definitely go perfect as per the increased trend of embroidery bags in the market.

Hand Embroidery Bags - Historic Evolution:

You must be surprised to know how the target area of embroidery has revolutionized over time. The core concept of hand embroidery over bags originally rose in China and is still prevalent all around the globe.

Hand Embroidery Bags

Considering your concern regarding material and type of embroidery let's move a little back in time. In an era that was only limited in resources but not in terms of ideas and creativity, people initially started with only a single type of embroidery and simple style of stitch over relatively convenient material such as cloth for hand embroidery bags.

Not until the 18th century, tradition moved ahead, embroidery styles and materials made a direct transition to jute and sack-like material with a relatively complex style of embroidery stitch.

And it just kept on getting better than ever! Embroidery styles further started incorporating a diverse range of stitch styles included chain stitch, back stitch, and most prominently satin stitch.

Fast forward to the 20th century, materials are now modified into cloth, leather, denim, rexin along with a diverse range and improved style of embroidery.

Why Hand Embroidery Bags?

The art of embroidery stands as a result of exclusive collaboration among creativity and cultural aesthetic. Each hand embroidery bag displays a unique set of features.

But do you know what's even more interesting? The vast range of embroidery styles is the best catch about these bags. Before we make a choice, the style and design of embroidery are what concerns us the most. Let's have a look through it:

Hand embroidery bags are not flourishing over a single style of bag rather involves an entire continuation, ranging from shoulder bags, cross-body bags to pouch or even backpacks.

The art of embroidery can adorn any style and type of bag and provide a vast range of variety to choose from.

The wonders don't just end here! A custom hand embroidery bag can last even the longest of the time due to the craft being an enduring trend throughout.
A combination of different colors in embroidered bags makes them a considerable choice to match with anything you wear.

Types Of Hand Embroidery Bags

Do you still not feel convinced? Let’s move along types of embroidery bags, which would hopefully encourage you to have one for yourself.

Ribbon Embroidery Bag

Ribbon Embroidery Bag

A bag turns out to look exactly how its craft men would design it to look like. While their production a craft man add wonders hence make these bags an impeccable choice for many.

However, ribbon embroidery bags involves colorful ribbons as an embedding material of embroidery. When mixed with a different style of stitch including lazy daisy, stem stitch, and French knots, the ribbon gives an embossed effect to complete embroidery, hence results in producing an unavoidable selection.

Leather Embroidery Bag

Leather Embroidery Bag

A unique combination of leather and embroidery date back in history. This ancient idea is consistently going high in demand.

Leather embroidery bag may sound boring, but embroidery over a plan solid background enhances the luxurious outlook for old leather bags. The designs and patterns are bound by no limitation when it comes to working over leather.
Designs can even be customized to turn a dull and boring bag into vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.

Monogram Embroidery Bag

Monogram Embroidery Bag

Do you feel the same happiness regarding minimal designs? When it comes to meeting the demand for ongoing trends while keeping creativity intact, no other type serves as a better choice other than monogram bags.

These bags are made with an embroidered monogram of your favorite brand/ band or whatever thing you like to have over it. A certain pattern is embroidered to give a trendy outlook to a seemingly old bag.

Where To Buy Online:

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