Decoration Plates Design

When someone calls the word plate, the first thing that comes to mind is a plate we use for eating, but there are other plates too, which have been specially made for decorative purposes. Plates have not only dedicated to dining tables but for walls, stands, and even for display as the centerpieces. If we enlighten the history of decoration plates, then you would get to know that it has the oldest history of decorative plates art. In the 14th century, merchants brought porcelain to Europe from China. At that time, the dishes became popular, people showed their artwork on plates, and they had been used for the decoration from that time. Still, this trend is going on all over the world. People from different traditions and areas like to decorate their houses with decoration plates.

decoration plates

If you are in the process of decorating your home or planning to, then you need to add some of the creative and antique decorative plates for wall display, as the interior of your home doesn’t complete till you add some accent and antique pieces. Decorative plates are of many styles, designs, and sizes and also have many varieties too, which you need to select according to your space and dimension. Decorative plates for wall display is one of the best and convenient idea to decorate any area whether it is your dining room, drawing room, the kitchen of even it can be used in bathroom or bedroom too.

Material and Styles

Decorative plates come in different materials and styles which could be selected according to space and choice.

  • Decorative plates most commonly come in ceramic because it is durable and inexpensive than other materials. They could be handmade and hand-painted too, which makes it more antique and unique.

Decorative plates for home

  • Melamine is the other material that has been used in making decorative plates for wall hanging and for other options too. This is the type of plastic which makes it more affordable and easy to handle.

Melamine Decorative Plates

  • Another material is the Glass, which is also a good option and not that expensive. It looks classy and unique, but its appearance is slightly different from the other two materials.

Glass Decorative Plates

  • There are three styles of decorative plates which can be judged from their colors and designs. The first one is a clear style, which would be mostly on glass material with an elegant appearance and light colors.

Clear Style Decorative Plates

  • The second one is called the China decorative plate, and it comes in different artistic styles and looks classy, and it’s quite expensive as it has the artwork on it.

China Decorative Plates

  • The other style is handmade; these types of decorative plates are handmade and hand-painted with amazing designs along with attractive colors. This handmade style has other subcategories in which you would find the number of designs and styles.

Handmade Decorative Plates

Types of Decorative Plates

Well, plates are the new replacement of the ordinary and boring hall hangings and paintings. Everyone wants to look different and act smart, and for that, adding decorative plates while interior designs would be the best idea. Here we are going to mention some types of decorative plates and also some ideas about how you can decorate them.

Decorative Plates for Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging Decorative Plates

This is the most common and known type of decorative plates. If you are new in this process and unaware of how and where to put these plates, then you must try with the decorative plates for a wall hanging, and the desired area to start is the dining room. As the decoration would match with the idea of the city and you probably have many options to arrange the plates on the wall, like you can arrange them behind the dining table.

Additionally, decorative plates could be accompanied by hanging the mirror in your bedroom or hallway. You can arrange plates around the mirror frame, and they could be of your choice and style. However, there is a bundle of ideas you can try with wall hanging decorative plates.

Decorative Plates with Stand

Decorative Plates With Stands

When we talk about the decorative plates withstand, it comes in different sizes and diameters along with a stand. The plates with a stand are to display on the racks, tables, and showcases and the stands which come with the plates have been designed in a smart way to hold the plate properly no matter what’s its weight and size. Not everyone wants to hang the decorative plate on the wall then they can go for this type. The decorative plates are of various designs, but the best ones are handmade and hand-painted as they have their class. You can go for the plates having some images of your choice.

Handmade Decorative Plates

Handmade Decorative Plates

Decorating your house? Then decorate it with class and consider the quality, not the quantity. Adding handmade items in your home would define your taste and way of selection. The best type is the handmade decorative plates and bowls. Each plate is handmade and hand-painted, which increases its worth and uniqueness.

Moreover, the best option is you could have a variety of options in it as they are available in various colors and designs, plus they are durable. The unique measurements have been taken in making the process to make it durable, and they could be hung or display both. Handmade Decorative plates and bowls are the latest trend in interior design as various colors like the combination of blue, white, terracotta, turquoise, brown, and green are eye-catching and worth buying.

Moreover, these plates are not only restricted for decoration purposes, but you can also go for the decorative plates for functions. We can play with these plates like you can use it for decoration at one time, and next use as decorative plates for tasks at your home or somewhere else, as presenting something is handmade or artistic plates would be more impressive.

Buy Decorative Plates Online

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How to Mount?

The question arises while purchasing the decorative plates for hanging purposes. So, when you buy from Artists Galleria, the plates would come with a mounting mechanism, and it is specially designed for wood and concrete surface. The surface you are planning to mount on should be a flat horizontal, and the arranging choices would be of your choice.