Pakistani people love tea more than anything else. If you are feeling low, having a get-together, heard a good news, sick, it is raining outside, or tired all you can cure is by having a strong cup of tea according to your taste buds. Tea is an important part of our culture from meaningless talks at some roadside to an important board meeting and decisions tea is common everywhere. Tea is also considered as a best friend if you want to spend time alone with peace or want some work requiring thinking than tea freshens up your mind. No matter at what stage you are in, tea makes everything better.

In Pakistani culture tea has one of the most significant cultural importance. It is one of the most popular beverages among Pakistani people of all status groups. Afternoon tea with some bread, rusks, and biscuits is the favourite time for all which is routinely followed. The tea is served in various styles, designs, and colours of cups along with matching saucers as per the taste of the family, house or restaurant.

Every household has a stash of beautiful cups and saucers in their crockery collection cabinets from sizes small to large, design from simple to fancy, and colours from plain white to all bright colours. The beautiful printed patterns on cups and saucers make an elegant looking style. As it says “A good tea needs a good cup”.

We have gathered some of the beautiful cup and saucer sets designs from antique to modern-looking that will make your morning and afternoon tea a moment to cherish every time you drink tea.

Holographic Cups and Saucer Set

Holographic Cups and Saucer Set pakistan

These are a fine addition to the dining table. This ceramic porcelain made cups give an elegant and graceful look. The finishing of cups gives an aura of a high lifestyle. They can be of various colours but the plain white has all the beauty. These cups are popular because of their durable nature and have a good capacity which makes it good for coffee, tea, and other hot beverages.

Diamond Teacup and Saucer Set

Diamond Teacup and Saucer Set

It is another beautiful design for Pakistani people. A simple yet modern design of the cup with round saucer is perfect for the tea parties. The diamond designs make it a more elegant and all-time favourite choice.

Luxury Truck Art Design Teacup Set

Luxury Truck Art Design Teacup Set

Truck art designs are very famous that depict the colorful culture of Pakistan. These designs come in a variety of intricate patterns with beautiful bold and vibrant colors. Having a cup and saucer in such designs is not less than a luxury. You can easily have a cup and saucer buy online with your choice of colors and patterns.

Glass Cup and Saucer Sets

Glass Cup and Saucer Sets

A glass cup and saucer tea set is a modern way of utilizing the cups. Its minimalist design looks are graceful and make tea looking more enchanting. It displays tea in a very beautiful way through its transparent nature and very beautiful design. Glass tea sets are stronger, clearer, and brighter. It holds the right amount of tea to enjoy some beautiful scenery, a movie, or just a chit chat with friends.

Blue Pottery Antique Style Cup And Saucer Sets

Blue Pottery Style Cup And Saucer Sets

Blue pottery is very famous and it is a blend of Chinese, Persian, and Iraqi art. It depicts the Persian culture but now with the passage of time, it has evolved as a separate identity of its own. This antique design represents another cultural ethnicity of Pakistan, its warm ambiance from Multan for painting with blue and white dye, and is the symbol of hospitality. This luxury design is very popular and having tea in these beautiful cups gives an elite feeling with cultural taste. These hand-painted artistic cups are iconic making every moment very special.
You can have Cup and saucer set online to make life easy with your choice of cup design and delivering it to your doorstep.

Antique English Teacups and Saucer

English Teacups and Saucer

These cups and saucers are beautiful hands painted floral designs giving the royal feeling. English teacups are luxury items that set the formal gathering into a unique one. The beautiful floral patterns and mesmerizing choice of colours make it the best and popular choice for the tea parties. You can have the choice of various designs online to choose from as per your taste.


Cup and saucer buy online have so much variety that they are now and then interchangeable according to the occasion and mood. A good cup has a psychological impact of making the tea more enjoyable and good in taste. Choosing a good tea set depends on various factors like material from which it is made, cost, durability, size, ergonomics, and various others. Teacups are used in our everyday life which is why it is important to be aware of what material they are made from. The material can be


It is widely porous. The clay used and firing done determine what kind of ceramic is used. The clay is from natural soil or rock with minerals and metal oxide included.


This is made from very fine particle clay, usually china clay. This clay lacks plasticity, that's the reason it may get cracks very easily when fired. This forms thin and delicate cups. This material does not require glazing to eliminate porosity.


It is one of the best materials which is non-porous and is very smooth. The most popular material used for glass is borosilicate and soda lime. Glass cups are gaining popularity and are already in use in Turkey, Russia, and Morocco. Borosilicate material is more expensive than soda lime. Usually, teacups made from glass are double-walled means the inner and outer walls are different. The beauty of glass cups is that it displays the colour of tea due to the transparent nature of cups.


This material is lightweight, bright, and cheap. They are formed from a chain of polymer' reactions. They are safe if BPA and toxic free. Cups made from plastic are unbreakable and durable.


This looks good and is inexpensive. It is a type of plastic dinnerware and comes in various bold colours. Excessive heat can decompose this material.


This is most common and easy to use clay which hardens at a temperature as high as 1100 oC. It is mostly used for making bigger pottery items. It has a very porous, chalky, and grainy surface. They are not glazed rather coated so that color and designs can be added.


This clay is cheap and can be used for making practical drinkware. They are rigid and do not tolerate heat. Their chemical composition consists of many particles, non-clay impurities like quartz and mica. They are fired to make the pottery glazed. They are wide and thick used for coffee mugs.

Bone China

It has the same features as that of porcelain but is more fragile and is an inexpensive choice of material. It is an eminent material used in English tea sets.

Teacups are usually of three basic material glass, plastic, and ceramic. By using these material teacups and saucers can be moulded into nearly any kind of shape, feature, and size. The chemical composition depends on the porosity of the cup which in turn affects the heat transfer. So with the appearance, you can select cup and saucer sets online with your choice of material and design shape.

Buying Cup and Saucer Sets in Pakistan

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