Owning a home is a blessing no matter if you own a small home. Many of us can't afford expensive decoration especially who belongs to a middle-class home and the good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to update your home in Pakistan. Moreover, you will find a number of decoration ideas on the internet but here we will especially emphasize the middle-class home decoration which would be more affordable yet attractive at the same side.

Wrap up the Stuff

Wallpaper is the best item for instant transformation of your bedroom

Wallpaper is the best item for instant transformation of your bedroom, living room or kitchen area and affordable too. You should use wallpapers with creativity on walls and you're probably have seen this tip a lot of time but here is another amazing tip for home transformation. You can wrap up different things with different wallpapers like apply wallpapers on cabinets, windows and around the mirror. You can also wrap the lamp shades with printed cloth and change the handles of doors and cabinets will give the instant change to your home. Moreover, you can also paste printed papers on the doors in contrast colors and develop the creative look.

Transform Old Furniture

Transforming old furniture is the best idea for the middle-class home decoration. What you need is to be creative for that and this would be the most affordable transformation for Pakistani middle-class houses. All you need is a can of paint of your choice or which matches your interior. You can paint your old couch, bed, dressing table, side tables, and chairs and even your door and cabinets too.  Moreover, another tip is you can draw and paint the backboard of your bed and couches on the wall; it would be fun doing this and more creative as well. For curtains, you can replace the holding straps with fancy chains and hooks.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Planters

Plants can give the give the fresh and cool look to your home and affordable education as well. You can add a variety of indoor plants with different colorful pots. You can paint the pots with your own desired colors. Despite artificial plants and flowers, fresh plants and flowers are more attractive and give the smooth fragrance in the rooms and the best decoration.

Use Blue Pottery Products

Handmade blue pottery is the famous yet affordable item for décor purpose. Even it can be used in middle-class houses. Blue pottery product is made with white clay in blue and white in color. The designs and patterns on blue pottery products are handmade so these products are included in the artwork. Blue pottery Multan can be added while decorating middle-class houses, it is beautiful and always in fashion no matter what is the color of your room.  Moreover, this is more convenient to buy these products online now from websites and the additional benefit is you will also find the discount price and packages online.

Blue Pottery Products1

There is a number of options in ceramic pottery like vases, pots, crockery, decoration pieces, plant pots, wall decoration items and much more, the white color in it always suits with walls and other stuff of your kitchen, room and even washroom.  Your home decor using blue pottery artwork is just a click away yet reasonable and attractive, so go for it!

Wall Hangings

Wall hanging planters

We have a small house in modern time as adding to much stuff into a home for decoration would suffocate the environment plus make it uncomfortable. So, people are always in search of the ideas which don’t grab the space.

Tear Shape Wall Hanging

Using wall hangings to decorate the home would be the best idea. You can hang plates especially blue pottery plates in different patterns and designs, you can also go for the antique designs which will show your taste and looks artistic as well.

Wall Hanging Plate in Antique Design

Moreover, the wall gallery can also be made, hang mirrors with the frame or without frame both would complement your taste and selection. Floating shelves are also a good option which would help you in arranging your stuff plus don’t grab your space. If you have shelves then you must add blue pottery vases and pots to add more spice.