The kitchen is the most important and most frequently used part of a house. For this very reason, it is necessary to have a kitchen that reflects your taste, style, and also adds to the comfort level. While choosing accessories for your kitchen there are plenty of things to keep in mind. 

Firstly you want to maximize the value for your money by making sound investments. It is natural to look for things that will last long and also add aesthetic taste to your surroundings. Secondly, with the vast variety of designer accessories and customization options available in the market, it is easy to get confused about what suits our taste and budget best.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best kitchen sinks in Pakistan that are suited to your requirements and taste.

1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

If you are looking for durable kitchen sinks in Pakistan for your house, the number one recommendation is the stainless steel kitchen sink. Beautiful yes, but its strong point is its durability. Use it as roughly as you want and there won't be a scratch in sight. They are ideal in the case of large families and a greater workload. Since in such situations the accessories are being used in multiple hands. It is better, therefore, to invest in things with strength and durability.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks Pakistan is also easy to manage and clean as these are resistant to accumulations of spots, grease, and rust.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

These sinks are available in multiple designs ranging from the single bowl with utensil space to double bowls with a single tap. Double bowl design can also be purchased with a mixer faucet installed in the middle of the bowl partition.
The prices of kitchen sinks in Pakistan of single bowls steel sinks start from as low as rupees 3000 and range up to 6000 on average. For double bowls keep an estimate of at least 7500 rupees in your mind. The maximum price on average is 16000 for these durable sinks from steeline and build durable. Xpert kitchen appliances is another competitive brand dealing in a large variety of kitchen sinks. The steel kitchen sinks from Porta are also available online in Pakistan within the range of rupees 18000 to 23000.

2. Artistic Sinks

Artistic Sinks

These sinks are made into various styles like hand-shaped with onyx, polish, Italian, and natural material sinks. These are modern style sinks.

Material for hand painted sinks

They can be made from

  • Porcelain material
  • Ceramic material
  • Onyx material
  • Wooden material
  • And many others

Why Artisans Galleria?

hand painted wash basin

A hand-painted washbasin is unique and is the best for investing when looking for a bathroom luxury. This is the reason to have the best quality and original hand-painted sinks for which the artisan gallery is the best online website to order. We grantee that our products are original with colors and shape no one has. We are the one promoting handmade items and their usage because it’s a classic way of life.

3. Granite Composite Kitchen Sink:

Granite kitchen sinks have gained popularity in recent years. These can be a luxurious addition to your kitchen due to their expensive prices and modern look. The best thing about these kitchen sinks is that these are scratch proof and thus their durability is unmatched with any other material of sinks. The additional attributes of a large variety of color make these the obvious choice for any kitchen. These are also fireproof and hold extra strength and load-bearing properties. With all these benefits in mind, granite kitchen sinks are a wise investment from all perspectives.

Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

The prices of these sinks are comparatively higher as compared to other types of kitchen sinks in Pakistan. The price range starts from 30,000 and reaches up to 45000 for single and double bowl designs.

These can be purchased on-site from leading kitchen accessory providers. Grohe Pakistan is the number one proprietor of granite kitchen sink online in Pakistan.

4. Marble Kitchen Sinks:

Marble is a timeless material for domestic and commercial usage. It has strength beauty and affordability all put together. What is even more attractive about this particular product is the fact that these are available in the widest of ranges in terms of color, texture, shape, and size. Such independence of choice cannot be achieved with any other product.

Marble Kitchen Sinks

Another outstanding aspect of marble sinks is the ease of installment and maintenance over a long period of time. Marble Kitchen sinks Pakistan is available online at, yayvo, com, and most leading dealers of kitchen and bathroom fittings.

5. Composite Kitchen Sinks:

An innovative design in kitchen sinks has been very recently introduced to provide quality par excellence to the connoisseur of beauty and practicality. Composite sink designs are the in thing nowadays. These are made with a mixture of quartz and acrylic resin to create an unmatched product in terms of strength and functionality. Grohe is the leading brand offering a wide range of composite kitchen sinks. This international brand has been revolutionizing the bathroom and kitchen accessories market. The most attractive feature of the composite sinks is the great reduction in noise produced by running water and pot handling. You can choose from under-mounted and top-mounted sinks as per your preference and requirement. The freedom to pick from 1, 1.5, and 2 bowls sinks is a striking feature of these sinks.

Composite Kitchen Sinks

These are the most expensive kitchen sinks in Pakistan and are mostly available in local shops within a range of rupees 40,000 and above.

6. Glass Kitchen Sinks

Glass kitchen sinks are less common than steel or ceramic sinks. Made with tempered glass, these enhance the beauty of a kitchen and can blend in well with any color scheme and theme. This is chiefly due to the neutral color of glass which makes it an ideal choice for any home décor. These are difficult to maintain as these are susceptible to breakage. Additionally, these tend to accumulate watermarks over time which are difficult to get rid of. Xpert kitchen appliances, master fittings, and are the leading suppliers of glass sinks for bathrooms and kitchens. Available in the range of 60,000 and above these will prove to be an elegant addition to your kitchen accessories.

Glass Kitchen Sinks

Since kitchens are busy places with something or the other on the stove at all times. And also because all the house members pay frequent visits to the kitchen, it is advisable to follow a minimalist approach. The designs discussed above can add great value to this special part of the house and provide you with a comfortable cooking experience.