Washroom tiles differ from your living room tiles. Do you wonder why?

Well, washrooms are places where water spills are reasonable, and there are higher chances of getting slipped. This is the reason matt and embossed tiles are preferred for restrooms, as compared to glossy and smooth tiles, that are used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Types Of Washroom Tiles

There are several washroom tiles designs and styles available in Pakistan. The choice of design and style of washroom tiles depends upon various factors.

Size Of The Washroom

The size of your washroom is an essential factor in determining the washroom tiles colors.

For small washrooms, light color tiles are preferred. They absorb light and give the perception of a bigger space. You can use both glazed and matt tiles for small washrooms, but glazed tiles are recommended.

Antique Washroom Ideas

Dark color tiles work perfectly in bigger washrooms. It gives a sense of coziness and makes the space soothing and warm.

Usage Of Washroom

Your use of the washroom determines the washroom tiles style.

If you have a floor shower area, then you should opt for either matt or embossed tiles. This will make the floor less slippery and provide a good grip.

The floor of the shower area is continuously exposed to water, so you need to choose durable and water-resistant tiles. If your washroom tiles are not water-resistant, they will quickly get chipped off. Hand-painted and raw ceramic tiles, like blue pottery tiles, will not work in these washrooms.

If you have a separate tub installed in your washroom, and there are little chances of water spilling on the washroom floor, then you can opt for glazed and smooth washroom tiles.

Price Of The Tiles

Your budget is the most significant factor in selecting the tiles. Washroom tiles price in Pakistan ranges from 28 rupees per square meter to thousands of rupees per square meter.

If you have a reasonable budget, you can go for high-end local tiles like master washroom tiles design in Pakistan, or even opt for good quality imported tiles.
But if your budget is limited, you still have many options. There are local washroom tile manufacturers that are producing suitable quality tiles at reasonable prices.

But if your budget is limited, you still have many options. There are local washroom tile manufacturers that are producing suitable quality tiles at reasonable prices.

You can find washroom tiles of different materials and designs in Pakistan.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles in Pakistan

Ceramic tiles are the widely used washroom tiles in Pakistan. They are budget-friendly and are quite durable.

In Pakistan, several designs and qualities of ceramic tiles are available. The variety includes both local and imported ones. China and Irani ceramic tiles are the most popular ones in our country. Pakistan also import tiles from other countries like Malaysia and Spain, but these are quite pricey and are suitable for luxurious and lavish washrooms only.

You can use ceramic tiles for washroom floors and walls.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles in Pakistan

Terracotta tiles are locally made in Pakistan and are also used for washrooms. But these tiles are not durable and get chipped off easily. Even glazed terracotta tiles have a short life.

Terracotta tiles pakistan

Terracotta tiles are not an ideal choice for washroom floors, but you can use it for washroom walls.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the most durable tiles. Even if they got chipped off, the inner layer is the same as the upper layer, so it got unnoticed.

Porcelain Tiles Pakistan

You can find a vast range of porcelain washroom tiles design in Pakistan. They are available in both matt and glazed designs. Exclusive models of washroom tiles include dotted patterns, plain tiles with printed borders, and matt tiles with wooden perception.

3D Tiles

Tiles with embossed and grooved texture are ideal for washrooms. They don’t allow water to stand and dries up quickly. The best thing about 3D tiles is that they are non-slippery.

3D Tiles Pakistan

You can find 3D washroom tiles designs in Pakistan in different materials, like ceramic, porcelain, and even marble.

Artisan Galleria

If you are in search of locally made ceramic and terracotta tiles, then you must visit Artisan Galleria. They revived the traditional blue pottery art of Multan and included this conventional art in pipes as well.

You can find some fantastic washroom tiles design ideas here.

Artisan Galleria Tiles


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Washrooms used to be simpler just a decade ago. But now, washroom decor and interior is as important as any other part of your house.